In times of “bossing nudes”, nudity needs to be reevaluated. It is not a matter of showing or hiding the game, but of spicing up sensuality with curiosity, lights and shadows. The Cacti Magazine reveals the sensuality with subtlety, with photographic references from the American photographer Bruce Weber, the famous campaigns of Calvin Klein and also calendars V Man .

In this seventeenth edition, Cactos Magazine invited eight boys to take their clothes off and be completely natural in everyday scenes. The varied mix of male beauty ranges from the personal trainer, to the store salesman, through Map Model models and even a Nude Yoga teacher. Can you guess what their profession is?

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Issue # 17 features 263 uncensored photos : . There is also the  magazine’s OnlyFans .

Motorista de Uber faz ensaio 18+ com seu namorado; conheça Aluísio e Léo

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