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Procuradores do MP querem que Bolsonaro seja investigado por homofobia

MP prosecutors want Jair Bolsonaro to be investigated for homophobia

He will be investigated for the Guaraná Jesus case
Com colapso de saúde de Manaus, Carlos Bolsonaro posta vídeo de 'pirocaço'

With deaths in Manaus, Carlos Bolsonaro shows rubber soles hitting a pot

Luciano Huck called a pot against the Bolsonaro government that started at 8:30 pm as a protest to the collapse in Manaus hospitals
Bolsonaro diz que Brasil tem que deixar de ser "país de maricas"

Bolsonaro says Brazil must stop being a “sissy country”

Bolsonaro also took the opportunity to say that he regrets the deaths, but added that "one day everyone will die".
Bolsonaro perde processo para padre que o criticou por posicionamentos homofóbicos

Bolsonaro loses lawsuit to priest who criticized him for homophobic positions

The judge pointed out the absence of any crime and ordered Bolsonaro to pay the costs and fees of the process
Felipe Neto cria frente de advogados para defender gratuitamente todos que criticarem Bolsonaro

Felipe Neto creates front of lawyers to defend those who criticize Bolsonaro free of...

"We cannot be silent. We cannot let them be silenced and we will not", says Felipe Neto.
Bolsonaro diz que Brasil tem que deixar de ser "país de maricas"

MPF asks STJ to keep condemning Bolsonaro for homophobia

Bolsonaro said he would not have a gay son because everyone was "very well educated"
Jair Bolsonaro faz piada homofóbica ao beber guaraná Jesus: "Virei boiola"

Jair Bolsonaro makes a homophobic joke while drinking guaraná Jesus: “I turned into a...

"Now I am a fag. Like Maranhao, is that it?"
Bispos denunciam Bolsonaro na ONU e OMS: "Negacionista e indiferente à dor"

Bishops denounce Bolsonaro at the UN and WHO: “Negative and indifferent to pain”

They also endorse more than 60 impeachment requests

“Jair Bolsonaro buys his support base with positions and amendments”, emphasizes Sâmia Bomfim.

By popular vote, the law against LGBT phobia in São Paulo, authored by Sâmia e Reis, won in the category “Women who fights” at the 2020 Poc Awards.
Pastor escolhido por Bolsonaro para Ministro da Educação diz que pessoas de "famílias desajustadas" optam por ser LGBT+

The pastor chosen by Bolsonaro for the Ministry of Education says that people from...

The Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro said that young people's homosexuality is due to "dysfunctional families", causing a negative impact on the government
recebeu apelidos como "Osmar Trevas", "Osmar Terra Plana", "Osmar Erra" e "Osmar Enterra"

Osmar Terra (MDB) becomes defendant for suspending public notice with funding for LGBTQIA+ themed...

The four works attacked by Bolsonaro ("Afronte", "Transversal", "Religare Queer" and "Reverse Sex") that had been previously selected were no longer on the list of accepted projects

Jair Bolsonaro’s head turn into a soccer ball in protest video; watch

Besides the video, the Indecline collective strongly criticizes Jair Bolsonaro
Procuradoria Geral da República pede investigação do Ministro da Educação por homofobia

The Attorney General’s Office calls for an investigation against the Minister of Education for...

Milton Ribeiro is the fourth misfit in the Education portfolio of Bolsonaro's government in about one year and a half

The minister apologizes to the Federal Police for saying that “homosexualism (sic) is the...

Ribeiro said that he did not want to “disrespect anyone” and said that, in his view, “the gay families are families like yours”.
Governo suspende exames de HIV, AIDS e hepatites virais pelo SUS

Brazilian Government suspends tests for HIV, AIDS and viral hepatitis by Unified Health System...

This happened because the contract with the company he carried out expired in November 2019
Stylist Rica Benozatti esclarece e opina sobre cinco assuntos, entre eles pochete e sapatênis

Stylist Rica Benozzati clarifies and opines on five subjects, among them belly bags and...

Consultant of personalities such as Dani Calabresa and Marco Pigossi, Rica Benozzati clarifies some doubts of readers about style
Ator pornô gay grava cenas fantasiado de corno do Capitólio

Gay porn actor shoots scenes in costume as the Capitol Horn

Michael Lucas decided to dress up as Jake Angeli, the extremist who was arrested on January 9th, to do sex scenes
Medicamento para crianças que vivem com HIV está em falta; repasse é feito pelo Ministério da Saúde

Medication for children that live with HIV is lacking; the transfer is made by...

There is still not a prediction for Kaletra's reposition, said the Health Secretary of Ceará (SESA)
hotboys hot boys

To encourage social isolation, producer HotBoys makes 60 films available for free

The producer Rio boss HotBoys took further action against the coronavirus in Brazil than the government Bolsonaro
Marcelo Crivella, bispo LGBTfóbico bolsonarista da Igreja Universal, é preso no Rio de Janeiro

Marcelo Crivella, LGBTphobic bolsonarist of the Universal Church, is arrested in Rio de Janeiro

Crivella repeatedly attacked the LGBT+ community during his tenure, also trying to censor a Marvel comic book

Policeman is sentenced to indemnify Xuxa after defaming LGBT+ children’s book published by the...

The presenter of Rede TV Sikêra Jr., pastor Silas Malafaia, former senator Magno Malta and Carla Zambelli are also being sued by the presenter
Pastor bolsonarista jura por Deus que vacina contra coronavírus tem HIV

Bolsonaro’s fan, pastor swears to God that coronavirus vaccine has HIV

"You will not feel anything, but after a while, illnesses will appear" - says the Bolsonarist pastor
"Só estamos vivos porque não fizemos Jesus gay e preto..." diz Porta dos Fundos um ano após filme polêmico

“We are only alive because we did not make Jesus gay and black”, says...

"I'm sure we are alive because Jesus was just gay ... If he were gay and black, it would be six bombs. If he were a woman, then ..." - said Fábio Porchat.

Bolsonaro’s Education Minister rejects agreement and will answer for homophobia

Milton Ribeiro told Estadão in September that "homosexuality (sic)" is "the result of maladjusted families"
ABGLT defende gratuidade do SUS: "É no SUS que temos a política integral de saúde"

ABGLT defends SUS free of charge: “It is in SUS that we have a...

ABGLT highlighted the role of SUS in the comprehensive health policy of the LGBTI+ population and in the process of sex change
Filha de Donald Trump é criticada após dizer que seu pai "sempre apoiou" LGBTs

Donald Trump’s daughter criticized for saying her father “always supported” LGBTs people

Donald Trump's youngest daughter, Tiffany spoke at a support event for the LGBT community, the "Trump Pride", in Florida
Ícone do app SCRUFF chama atenção em print de Janaina Paschoal jantando C4rl4 Z4mbell1

SCRUFF app icon draws attention on Brazilian deputy Janaina Paschoal print having dinner C4rl4...

"And Janaína do Rivotril, who even has a profile in Scruff, huh, my people? 2020 proving that nothing is impossible anymore", wrote the tweeter @entidadewolf
Médico é furtado ao fazer suruba com quatro pedreiros em Fernando de Noronha

A doctor was stolen while having an orgy with four masons in Fernando de...

Due to the pandemic, the accused was submitted to an online custody hearing and the judge decided that the mason will remain free pending trial.

By popular vote, Father Júlio Lancellotti wins the category “Influencer of the Year” at...

On January 31, at the Mass "4th Sunday in Ordinary Time", Father Júlio took a few minutes to talk about his award