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Padre Alfredo Dórea, responsável pela IBCM (Foto: Jefferson Peixoto)

Priest creates republic for trans youth in Salvador, Brazil

The reception screening will be carried out by the CPDD-LGBT staff, located at Rua do Tijolo, nº 8, Pelourinho - Salvador, Bahia.
Parada LGBT da Bahia lança filme sobre intolerância doméstica durante a pandemia

Bahia LGBT parade warns of homotransphobia in family life during the pandemic

The result was the creation of a film that brings a harsh parallel between the isolation experienced by society today and that has been present in the life of the LGBTQIA+ community for a long time.
Suruba gay acaba em ciúmes e "chuva de dinheiro" em Salvador

Gay orgy ends in jealousy and “money rain” in Salvador

"He took the bag that was with his companion and went to the balcony and started to throw all the money from the balcony"
Comunidade homenageia estudante gay pintando escadaria com cores do arco-íris

Community honors gay student by painting staircase in rainbow colors

Igor Leonardo de Santana Torres will present the course conclusion work 'Conflicts and Political Action in LGBTQ Movements'
Troféu Poc Awards 2020, categoria "Pegue Meu Dinheiro"

Brazilian LGBTs elect Netflix as the best company in pro-diversity actions

The streaming company won in the "Get My Money" category at the 2020 Poc Awards, an annual award promoted by GAY BLOG BR

Book creates Brazilian LGBTI+ population in 225 pages; free download

In 2018, the IBDSEX and other non-governmental organizations, such as ANTRA and Gay Group from Bahia, coordinated the National Research on the LGBTI+ profile.
Feira Preta hospeda show de Big Joanie (Reino Unido) e conversa sobre música LGBTQIA+

Feira Preta hosts show by Big Joanie (United Kingdom) and talk about LGBTQIA+ music

This Wednesday, December 1st, Katú Mirim talks with cultural producer Chardine Taylor Stone, from the United Kingdom, about the fight for the rights of LGBTQIA+ and its impact on music

American is proposed by the nurse who gave vaccine against covid-19

Both have been in a relationship for five years

Among men: Daniel Jhonny loves to be desired

A photo shoot with Daniel Jhonny, from Bahia / São Paulo, a lover of physical activities.

The number of Brazilians who “come out of the closet” after the age of...

According to aging experts in the LGBTQIA+ community, the over 50s are more open to revealing their sexual orientation
Pesquisa aponta que 99% dos estudantes LGBTQIA+ sofrem homofobia ou transfobia ainda hoje

Research shows that LGBTQIA+ students between 13 and 21 years old had experienced homophobia...

Homophobic bullying is still very common, despite many social advancements
Anitta se apresenta no programa de Jimmy Fallon; assista

Anitta performs on Jimmy Fallon’s show; watch

"Girl from Rio" is the name of the new album
Pátria Amada, Futebol

Beloved homeland, soccer

D. Luiz Miranda is the communication secretary of the Associação Atlética Tubraões, that reunites LGBT+ sportists of Grande Florianópolis
Chico Flores lança single inspirado em Madame Satã: drag, negro e gay de 1920; ouça

Chico Flores releases single honoring Madame Satã

“Madame Satan” is inspired by the story of the famous transformer João Francisco dos Santos

Negritude, Activism and Diversity – Batekoo, the party that exalts the black LGBT+ community...

Batekoo is the party that shakes the country, a democratic space that praises the ethnicity and diversity of bodies and sexual orientations
Da militância ao fervo, Dona SCRUFF dispara: "Ninguém sai ileso aos meus conselhos"

From militancy to revelry, Dona SCRUFF shoots:”Nobody leaves my advice unscathed”.

Veteran drag queen Dona SCRUFF arrives with the promise of putting the whole mess in order - or messing up even more.

Rohmanelli, the singer who questions sexual, romantic, political and religious standards through music

The Italian artist, settled in Brazil, reinvented himself with the release of the single "Macho Discreto" and its video