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São Paulo já tem mais de 10 mil pessoas cadastradas para o PrEP

São Paulo already has more than 10,000 people registered for PrEP

The addresses for PrEP services can be found on the official website of the city of São Paulo
Casos de IST pararam de aumentar entre usuários de PrEP, segundo estudo

Gonorrhea and chlamydia cases stopped growing with PrEP use, says study

Before the study, the percentage of participants with positive results for syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia was 50% and had been growing about 8% each quarter
95% das pessoas vivendo com HIV em São Paulo têm carga viral indetectável

95% of people living with HIV in São Paulo have an undetectable viral load

The numbers exceed the expectations stipulated by the document "Declaration of Paris" in December 2014 by the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS)

“Gossip Girl” resurfaces more gay in new version of HBO Max

Upper East Side residents will be back in 2021 with more diversity, says the producer of the "Gossip Girl" reboot
Ator pornô esclarece dúvidas de leitores

Porn actor clarifies readers’ doubts

This week, the SCRUFF Responds invited the young actor porn Igor Baianinho, the HotBoys producer, to answer questions from readers. To send questions to the column, write to
Produtora pornô daz paródia do comercial de JLo: "Cool Master"

Porn producer parodies commercial with JLo: “Did you just attack my village?”

“Did you attack my village? You are going to pay for this”.
Da militância ao fervo, Dona SCRUFF dispara: "Ninguém sai ileso aos meus conselhos"

From militancy to revelry, Dona SCRUFF shoots:”Nobody leaves my advice unscathed”.

Veteran drag queen Dona SCRUFF arrives with the promise of putting the whole mess in order - or messing up even more.