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Fachada da boate Le Boy - Reprodução

Le Boy: the disco that marked an era in Rio de Janeiro

Henry Cavill, Calvin Klein, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Rupert Everett, Katy Perry and Rihanna were some of the regulars
Marcelo Crivella, bispo LGBTfóbico bolsonarista da Igreja Universal, é preso no Rio de Janeiro

Marcelo Crivella, LGBTphobic bolsonarist of the Universal Church, is arrested in Rio de Janeiro

Crivella repeatedly attacked the LGBT+ community during his tenure, also trying to censor a Marvel comic book
Garoto de programa é preso após esfaquear francês no RJ

A male escort is arrested after stabbing a French man in Rio de Janeiro

The case happened on Monday, October 19, and was registered at the District for Attending to Tourists (Deat).
Eduardo Paes diz que RJ será a capital da diversidade: "Um governo preconceituoso vai terminar"

New major says that Rio de Janeiro will be the capital of diversity: “A...

"The great role of the Carioca today is to celebrate that a prejudiced government, omitted in recent years, will end"
Dois homens que aplicavam golpe "Boa Noite, Cinderela" são presos no Rio de Janeiro

Scammers who doped gays with “Good Night, Cinderela” are arrested in Rio de Janeiro

João Marcos Batista de Matos (28) and Matheus Gidioney Tavares (27) were recognized by a victim
Tati Quebra Barraco e Candy Bloco vão animar o festival "Quadradinho" no Rio de Janeiro; veja programação

Tati Shack Break and Candy Bloco will animate the “Little Square” festival in Rio...

Popline, NAU and Fosfobox release the “Little Square” project, which will feature several editions following the protocols designated by the World Health Organization.
Placa em homenagem a Marielle Franco é inaugurada no Centro do Rio

Plaque in honor of Marielle Franco is inaugurated in downtown Rio

The plate is identical to the one used to identify roads and squares in the capital of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro was the setting of the 1st SCRUFF Beach Volleyball Tournament

Dating app empowers the LGBT+ community through sports
tv bar

Rio de Janeiro’s “TV Bar” closes its activities after ten years

The TV Bar was opened on december of 2009

Night of the Leopards – The legendary gay spectacle that shook Copacabana in the...

Madonna, Liza Minelli, Cazuza, Elza Soares, Caetano Veloso and several others great artists were in audience of the show
 Viúva de Marielle, Mônica Benício, se elege com 22 mil votos: "Ela não será interrompida"

Marielle’s widow, Mônica Benício, is elected with 22 thousand votes: “She will not be...

"After my result, democracy won over barbarism. Democracy won over violence. Today, we win. Today, Marielle will not be stopped." - says Mônica Benício
Eloína dos Leopardos: A musa dos felinos da noite gay carioca

Leopard Eloin: The muse of the felines of the gay night in Rio

Eloin has a lot of story to tell, muse of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and also of the gay night, she was already the subject of a documentary, lived in Europe and created one of the most popular shows: The Night of the Leopards
Barbeiro naturista cria negócio inusitado, aliando estética e nudez

Ex-accountant is successful as a naturist barber: “It’s not just gays that I attend”

Carioca Danyel Nacymento says that his business has been successful and intends to expand post-pandemic

Crivella calls Dória a “tramp” and uses the term homophobic; see the video

Crivella's name-calling took place at a meeting with affiliates, where those present vibrate with the offenses and applaud the mayor
Ativo deixa 4 passivos esperando na chuva: "Só entrou o primeiro que chegou no local"

A top left 4 bottoms waiting in the rain: “Only the first one who...

Exclusively, Bezerro ZS talked to GAY BLOG BR about a misfortune on Christmas Day
Felipe Neto cria frente de advogados para defender gratuitamente todos que criticarem Bolsonaro

Felipe Neto creates front of lawyers to defend those who criticize Bolsonaro free of...

"We cannot be silent. We cannot let them be silenced and we will not", says Felipe Neto.
Praia de nudismo do RJ reabre com uso de máscaras

Rio de Janeiro’s nude beach reopens with masks

Abricó Beach, in Rio de Janeiro, will reopen on December 5, starting at 11 am

Essay: Roger Monte for Exodia Beachwear | Dyo Magazine

Recently, the model was invited by businessman Gus Dantas to star in a rehearsal
Estúdio pornô gay Bel Ami contrata primeiro modelo negro após 27 anos

The gay porn studio Bel Ami has hired its first black model after 27...

Kedar Marchetti is considered a "small revolution in a white-only environment"

How to become a SCRUFF Venture ambassador

The ambassador Andre de Mello tells us a little about SCRUFF Venture and shows some of his favorite places from his hometown: Rio de Janeiro

Collective candidacies to city councils attract LGBTQ+ candidates

In the year that LGBTQ+ candidacies set records, collective mandates are also an alternative to conquer space in politics
dyomagazine homci

Gemini Diego and Tiago Homci make sensual rehearsal for DYO Magazine

Born in Belem, Para, the twins moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2010, looking for projects and new opportunities in their artistic careers
Após aglomeração em festas, webcelebridade Ygona pede por orações no hospital

After crowds at parties, webcelebrity Ygona asks for prayers at the hospital

With phrases like "let's go agglomeration", Ygona was "canceled" at the end of the year after attending parties in Rio de Janeiro
"Modo Turbo" é a música mais ouvida no streaming da Deezer no mundo todo

“Modo Turbo” is the most heard song on Deezer streaming worldwide.

In Brazil, the hit is in the first place too, with 165% more streams than the second most played, "Meia Noite (você tem meu whatsapp)", by Tarcísio do Acordeon.

In a debate without proposals, mayor says that his opponent wants to make Rio...

In the last debate before the vote, on TV Globo, Marcelo Crivella and Eduardo Paes, candidates for the mayor of Rio, left for attacks
Cidade Invisível, série brasileira, chega a Netflix - Alisson Louback / Netflix

Marco Pigossi confirms the second season of “Invisible City”

Starring Marco Pigossi and Alessandra Negrini, the production is inspired by a story developed by Carolina Munhóz and Raphael Draccon
hotboys hot boys

To encourage social isolation, producer HotBoys makes 60 films available for free

The producer Rio boss HotBoys took further action against the coronavirus in Brazil than the government Bolsonaro
recebeu apelidos como "Osmar Trevas", "Osmar Terra Plana", "Osmar Erra" e "Osmar Enterra"

Osmar Terra (MDB) becomes defendant for suspending public notice with funding for LGBTQIA+ themed...

The four works attacked by Bolsonaro ("Afronte", "Transversal", "Religare Queer" and "Reverse Sex") that had been previously selected were no longer on the list of accepted projects
Collab de Adidas com Ivy Park, marca sportwear de Beyoncé, disponível no Brasil a partir desta sexta

Adidas collab with Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s sportwear brand, is now available in Brazil starting...

For the release, the collective BATEKOO produced a special rehearsal to bring a Brazilian reinterpretation to the looks of the "Icy Park" collection
Furar o isolamento social para ir a festas é um ato racista, diz Barrett Pall

Drilling social isolation to go to parties is a racist act, says Barrett Pall

After reports of crowded parties in Mexico, the influencer notes that this is the privilege of white cis people and puts the local health system at risk