ENSAIO: 6 desconhecidos se conhecem em nova edição da Cactos Magazine

ESSAY: strangers meet in new essay by Cactos Magazine

The inspiration came from the fetish for men in uniforms; in this case, the reference was due to the sailor hat - and only that

Ben Affleck asks about Sacha Baron Cohen’s penis size

"I realized in the past, when you tried to hide your penis, it was 35 centimeters", he said to Sacha
Keanu Reeves em "Henry's Crime"

Fans discover that Keanu Reeves had pubic hair in 2010

Scene from "Occasion makes the thief" ("Henry's crime"), where Keanu is seen taking a shower next to his cellmate, went viral in WhatsApp groups
Hig Roberts

After coming out of the closet, alpine skier reports “smoother and easier” life

“When I started to move up the sport hierarchy, I didn't see anyone or hear from anyone who thought the same way as I did”
Boy Magia: Altieres Lopes

ASSAY: Altieres Lopes for Cactos Magazine

Born in Brasília, Altieres reveals his beauty in the lenses of Cactos Magazine
ENSAIO: Arthur Aily para Mustang Magazine

ESSAY: Arthur Aily for Mustang Magazine

The essay with Arthur is one of the most talked about edition # 6 of Mustang Magazine, in which he also carries the cover
Ator mexicano Gabriel Soto tem vídeo íntimo vazado

Mexican actor Gabriel Soto has intimate video leaked

The heartthrob acted in the soap opera "Sortilegio", mexican masterpiece that was exhibited at SBT in 2017.
Daniel Newman abre conta no OnlyFans

Daniel Newman creates an account on OnlyFans

The actor, known for his character in the TV show The Walking Dead, said that it's a Christmas gift and joked about Photoshopping the pictures

Paul Mason, the daddy who became gay men’s most desired Santa Claus

Fashion Santa always goes viral during this time of year with his natural white beard and hair, really handsome. His outfit includes tight well-cut red suits.
Michael B.Jordan abrirá conta no OnlyFans

Michael B.Jordan will open an OnlyFans account

The money will go to charity

“Cubanos”, Antonio da Silva’s new film bets on Latin sensuality

After shooting several sexy films in the four corners of the world, Antonio Da Silva strikes again, this time in Mi Cayito, showing all the beauty of Cubans

Tyler Posey is increasingly bold on OnlyFans; see new photos of the actor

In the last photos, he appears naked, in cowboy boots, by the pool. Recently, Tyler Posey revealed that he is already with men

Australian firefighters take off their uniforms on video again, to the sound of “All...

The world has suffered from Australia, catastrophic forest fires and an estimated loss of 1 billion animals
Milk, de Rupaul´s Drag Race, cria conta no OnlyFans

Milk, from Rupaul’s Drag Race, creates account on OnlyFans

Content can be purchased monthly for $ 9.99
ENSAIO: Rafa Vieira por Vinícius Vieira

ASSAY: Rafa Vieira by Vinícius Vieira

Singer Rafael Vieira was the first gay participant in the reality show “On Vacation With Ex” in Brazil
Os irmãos Zakar, designados em seu Instagram oficial como a versão moderna das gêmeas Mary Kate e Ashley Olsen, cumpriram a promessa de que se o candidato Joe Biden ganhasse, eles iriam postar fotos típicas do "OnlyFans" gratuitamente.

Zakar brothers keep their promise to post “nudes” if Trump lost

The Zakar brothers, designated on their official Instagram as the modern version of the twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, kept their promise that...
Italian Fluffer - O Italiano que faz sucesso no OnlyFans protagonizando vídeos eróticos amadores

Italian Fluffer – The Italian who is a hit on OnlyFans by starring in...

Simone Lustrati is the Italian Fluffer, without minding criticisms, he does what he likes and in front of cameras, to anyone who wants to watch it
Tyler Posey fala sobre ter ficado com caras e se já foi passivo

Tyler Posey talks about hooking up with boys and if he has ever bottomed

"I haven't had sex with a man before - We've blown each other, you know what I mean?" - said Tyler Posey in a OnlyFans video
Nico Tortorella: "Não há nada mais masculino que ser passivo"

Nico Tortorella: “There is nothing more masculine than bottoming”

The actor self-declared his gender and sexuality are fluid
Tyler Posey, astro de "Teen Wolf", cria perfil no Only Fans

Tyler Posey, star of “Teen Wolf”, creates an Only Fans profile

Tyler already had nude pictures leaked, to what he commented in 2017: “I don't care. It puts less stress [on you] if you just brush it off."
Mike Ruiz, jurado do RuPaul's Drag Race, faz ensaio nu para DYO Magazine

Mike Ruiz, RuPaul’s Drag Race judge, does a nude photo shoot for DYO Magazine

Mike Ruiz, a celebrity photographer and RuPaul's Drag Race judge, did a photo shoot for a Brazilian magazine
Diplo mostra a bunda no Instagram; veja

In order to raise the readers’ awareness, Diplo showed his butt. He is openly...

Diplo have already picked a fight with Perez Hilton because of Pabllo Vittar in 2017

Chris Evans posts a nude picture on Instagram unintentionally

It was also possible to see that the actor keeps 2532 pictures and 602 videos on his cell phone, an iPhone.

Omar Ayuso, from the TV show “Elite”, appears wearing a jockstrap in a sensual...

Omar Ayuso, famous for playing a character of the same first name on the TV series "Elite", Netflix's hit show, did a new photo shoot.

50 shades of handsome guys that make SCRUFF a necessary app

This post has the purpose of praising some boys who literally wear SCRUFF's colors. Some of them not only wear it, but also take their shirts off...

Rio de Janeiro was the setting of the 1st SCRUFF Beach Volleyball Tournament

Dating app empowers the LGBT+ community through sports