The documentary “Bixa Travesty”  didn’t get a patronage from Petrobras, on the contrary to what the state-owned company’s CEO said, Roberto Castello Branco, on the last thursday, at september 17, when he stated the movie as sufferable.

Castello Branco said that “would no longer sponsor movies in quality lower than sufferable, like ‘Bixa Travesty’ and ‘Lasanha Assassina'”. The feature movie’s director starred by Linn da Quebrada, Kiko Goifman, made hard criticism to the Petrobra’s CEO.

“I’m feeling persecuted. With absolute certainty, mister Castello Branco didn’t watch the movie. He got it by the title, ‘Bixa Travesty’, to insult our movie, which shows the history of someone that suffered all life and has a huge strenght. We’re going to sue” — states director Kiko Goifman. — “Those men can’t think they can get their hating machine gun and aim everywhere. Now we’re gonna be sure to take this movie to the largest number of people as possible. We aren’t going to stay silent”

Petrobrás chama "Bixa Travesty" de "sofrível"; filme levou calote da estatal

“Bixa Travesty” received money from Audiovisual Sectorial Fund, from the Cinema’s National Agency (Ancine) and from the Extreme-South Development’s Regional Bank. The information was confirmed not only by Kiko, but by Claudia Piscilla as well, who also directed the feature movie. After it was finished, the Petrobras sponsored the 2018 Brasilia Movie’s Festival, where the movie won the best documentary by the people’s choice and should receive a 200 000 BRL prize that would be used in the cine’s distribution. But in the year after, the state-owned company communicated that wouldn’t give the promised money to the awarded movies in the Festival and on the other 2 exhibitions. As Priscilla said, only half value was paid.

“It’s not up to the Petrobras’s Ceo to mention the movie on this situation. ‘Bixa Travesty’ wasn’t made with Petrobras’s resources. Alongside it being an insult, it’s an undue appropriation. When we won Brasilia’s popular prize, the movie was obviously already done” — Claudia criticizes.

Bixa Travesty” was indicated to more over than 20 prizes and won important trophies all around the world. Here on Brazil, Linn da Quebrada and Jup do Bairro won the POC AWARDS 2019.

Until to this post’s time, Petrobras hasn’t manifested itself about the matter.

Informations from Yahoo.

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