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On November 28, drag queen Vitilda Star, played by carioca Victor (27), took part in a baby shower for a longtime couple of friends. The video was posted on the internet and went viral quickly.

Vitilda Star’s presentation at the Baby Shower was to the sound of “So Emotional” by Whitney Houston. The presentation was inspired by RuPaul´s Drag Race Sasha Velour.

In an interview with the Pheeno channel, Victor said that he still does not act professionally as a drag queen, but he loves the universe of makeup and montage and does not rule out this possibility in the future.

“I am thinking of investing, [na carreira como drag], I really liked the creation process” – he said.

In another moment, he explains how he prepared for the event: “I heard about the baby’s gender on Wednesday. I myself sewed my clothes and in record time” – he said.

Drag queen goes viral when making revelation in Baby Shower style
Montage: Pheeno

Drag Queen says he suffered homophobia within the Universal Church

Drag queen Sophia Barclay (20) says she suffered homophobic offenses within a Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in the west of Rio de Janeiro, located at 150 Barão de Laguna Street, Santa Cruz headquarters. The information comes from Ricardo Feltrin’s column on UOL. The attacks were said to have occurred on October 8, Thursday, because she was wearing makeup inside the church.

Sophia also says that she has been attending church for five years and this was the first time that public offenses took place. Previously, there have been cases of discrimination against other believers, but on a private basis. The idea of attending Edir Macedo’s church came because, in 2015, the founder of Universal said that gays were welcome to the temples of his institution. In addition, Barclay had several sufferings in her life, being beaten by her father, she ran away from home, lived on the streets and was eventually welcomed by a church worker.

Sophia also says that she was accompanied by a friend, Ilton, who is physically and mentally disabled. He also allegedly suffered discrimination in the church, as a security guard denied him the use of the bathroom. The case has already been taken to the authorities.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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