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When an amateur erotic video gets leaked on the internet, it can cause a real panic for those involved. Although not for the Italian Simone Lustrati (26), who loves to share amateur adult videos on his social media, using the pseudonym Italian Fluffer.

Born in Roma, Lustrati likes to watch TV shows and, of course – have sex. When asked if he is dating, he categorically states that he isn’t looking for love and is only focused on himself. Italian Fluffer, who is part of the “bear” category (big hairy men), dreams of becoming a famous gay erotic movies performer, so that the whole world can see his videos. Lustrati already has an OnlyFans account and states that he is happy with the messages he gets from all over the world.

In this interview given straight from Milan, Simone Lustrati tells us a bit more about his life and the amateur porn movies he has produced.

Simone Lustrati – personal archive

You make amateur erotic movies, how did you come up with this idea?

I have always loved sex and being recorded, knowing that it will remain as a register. I like it when people from different places send me messages, and I thought, what if people paid to watch my movies. So here’s my profile on OnlyFans.

Do you feel pleasure with exhibitionism?

I am focused on myself, but I love it when people watch my movies, see me and share them with a lot of people. When I record a video, it is a double pleasure, because I think about other people who will also watch the movie.

You can be considered a “bear” in the LGBT community. Do you also interact with other “bears”?

Indeed bear is the right word to describe me. I interact with other bears, although to the same extent as with others. We are not a cult (laugh).

Do you often get hit on by guys who love bears and want something more with you?

I get a lot of messages from men who want to have sex with me, from those who love bears, as well as those who want to make movies with me, asking for an “alternative”, even though they are bottoms.

Simone Lustrati – personal archive

Italy is the famous actor Rocco Siffredi’s country. Do you want to become a gay version of Rocco on the internet?

Rocco is a big person, in every way (laugh). He is a legend. He acts with passion. We could say that I would like to be as famous as him in the world of gay porn, but as an amateur. It is important to me that nothing is prearranged in advance.

You have a profile on OnlyFans. How do people react to your videos?

They are only fans. I created the profile a few months ago, but it is already among the two most viewed profiles in Italy. I’m really proud that people enjoy my videos. There are videos for every different taste, of me having sex with several different men. Real sex, almost hardcore. All of them are pretty much like this.

You had more than 1.000 followers on Instagram on a profile that was created a short time ago. Have you ever met a follower in person?

You are well informed about everything (laugh). Are you from CIA? All joking aside, I’ve been on Instagram for two weeks, and I’ve been pretty interested in this social media. I like to share my daily life. In only two weeks, I met a guy from Rome and my video with him will be available in the next few days.

Simone Lustrati – personal archive

You are a hit on Twitter, with almost 14 thousand followers. Is Twitter your favorite social network?

On Twitter, my account growth took some months, but I should say that, when compared to Instagram, there is a lot more freedom to post erotic content on Twitter, and that’s why I love it. Instagram censored posts of some things from my daily life.

What kind of erotic amateur movie would you like to make that you haven’t yet had the opportunity?

There are so many dreams. Fortunately I fulfilled many of them, but I’d like to make a great fisting video. Since I still haven’t had the opportunity, I try to compensate in some other way. Any volunteers?

What about an erotic photoshoot, have you ever done one?

Yes. I’d like to do more photos. In a recent occasion at night, I’ve done some photos in Germany, in a place where I worked.

What is your favorite type of man?

That is a good question. Physically speaking I like tall men. I pay a lot of attention to arms and abs. I like men with strong personalities, determined and obviously well-endowed.

What are your post-pandemic plans?

During lockdown, obviously I have respected it completely. It is a hard time in the world, and I have respected all the safety rules. After the pandemic, I want to take a tour around Italy and Europe’s main cities, to get to know European men from every region really well.

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Simone Lustrati – personal archive

This article is also available in: Português Español

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