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Latam removed from a passenger from its flight on September 14 due to homophobic behavior. This occurred because the flight attendant asked a passenger, who was sleeping, to adjust his airline seat to its initial position during take-off. According to witnesses, the passenger had gotten angry for being woken up and then started the homophobic insults.

When the passenger called the flight attendant a “shitty f***** , the professional decided to report the occurrence to his boss, who was also offended, after being called “another piece of shit”.

Due to the disarray, the flight pilot was informed about the homophobic episode, returned the airplane to the departure air base, and soon after, the Federal Police was called and the passenger was taken out of the plane. On Twitter, Latam addressed the case, claiming to vehemently reject any kind of offense and stating that they follow strict security controls.

Latam expels homophobic passenger who offended a flight attendant


Aliança PLURAL (“PLURAL Alliance”) is a platform that provides free support to LGBTQ+ people in need of legal and/or psychological help.

The goal is to make contact between people who need help and those who want to help for free. Every registered volunteer is submitted to a register verification in the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association) and the CRP (Regional Council of Psychology). Each volunteer’s professional performance and personal history is analyzed in order to verify if they have the required profile and commitment for the project.

In order to maintain the safety of all parties, the data entered in the platform isn’t permanently registered and is deleted after the necessary conferences. The volunteers aren’t informed of the real names from those in need of help, in case they choose to remain anonymous by using a nickname.

To get in touch, the site provides a space for the registration of help requests, as well as volunteer registration.

This article is also available in: Português

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Jornalista formado pela PUC do Rio de Janeiro, dedicou sua vida a falar sobre cultura nerd/geek. Gay desde que se entende por gente, sempre teve desejo de trabalhar com o público LGBT+ e crê que a informação é a a melhor arma contra qualquer tipo de "fobia"