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The actor Rupert Everett wants to marry his boyfriend, a Brazilian called Henrique, with whom he is in a relationship for 11 years. The news surprised his fans, since a few years ago he said that he was against gay marriage.

“In fact, I wouldn’t mind getting married now. Yes. I would marry my boyfriend. Even though I would only have two or three people at the wedding” – he commented in an interview to Sunday Times (via O Fuxico), saying that he would also like the ceremony to take place at his village in Wiltshire.

“I love ceremonies. I think it would be sweet. I mean, I’m the one thinking about it”.

Despite his desire, he still haven’t mentioned this possibility to his boyfriend.

Rupert Everett revealed to being gay in 1989 as he wrote the romance “Hello Darling, Are You Working?”, at a time when few Hollywood actors did this. In 2009, he gave an interview in which he recommended that gay actors didn’t come out of the closet, because “it isn’t easy” and they would miss a lot of opportunities.

According to one of his interviews in 2009 to The Guardian (via Folha Online), Hollywood stopped him from getting leading roles, and the industry itself would rather cast straight men to play gay roles, as was the case of the movies Brokeback Mountain and Transamerica. On the occasion, he said that the opposite didn’t happen: gays didn’t play straight roles.

Rupert Everett wants to marry a Brazilian man

“I wouldn’t advise any actor who thinks seriously about this career to come out of the closet” – he said at the time.

Despite that, he said that exposing his sexuality, even though it has caused damage to his professional career, has brought happiness to his personal life. On the occasion, he said that he was happy for not being one of the “many” Hollywood gay actors who stayed inside the closet.

“I think that, at the end of the day, I am probably much happier than them” , said Rupert. “I might not be as rich or successful, but at least I am slightly free to be myself”.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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