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Trans webcelebrity Ygona Moura entered the Twitter trending topics this Saturday, January 16, for being hospitalized with covid-19 symptoms. Through his Instagram, Moura said he was very short of breath during the morning and asked his followers to pray for her.

The big repercussion on social networks was because, in the end of 2020, Moura made countless stories on his Instagram showing participation in parties in Rio de Janeiro and neglecting the seriousness of the pandemic. With phrases like “let’s go agglomeration”, Ygona was “canceled” at the time.

With 123,000 followers on Instagram, Ygona showed the hospital room by video and riding an ambulance to show that everything she was narrating “was not fake”. “It’s not a joke … It’s not a joke,” he said.

Webcelebrity also lamented that many on Twitter were wishing her ill. During the night, Ygona showed a print showing the video engagement: “Almost 100k in stories”.


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