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Drag and influencer Sophia Barclay, 18, decided to leave the Universal Church, where she had been faithful for five years, after months of assaults and even death threats by alleged followers of the church, reports UOL columnist Ricardo Feltrin.

She constitutes lawyers and registered a police report with the Rio Police. The police have listed and presented evidence of the threats they are suffering from messages sent on their social networks – which Feltrin’s column had access to. “You’re going to die and you’re going to hell. We’re going to make you miserable”, says one of the messages.

“You tried to burn us”, says another, possibly in reference to the influencer’s complaint of mistreatment inside a Universal temple last month.


“I just tell you: be careful on the street because we are watching your steps”, threatened by Instagram the profile “claudiunobraz.filhodedeus”.

The column searched for the profile, which had a photo of the author, but it was subsequently deleted.

The columnist sent the messages to Universal’s Communications department, which said it had not identified aggressors among its members and reiterated that it accepts diversity.

“I will never walk again at Universal. The church ended my belief, it ended my psychological health, I am not leaving the house, I panicked and I am undergoing treatment”, the influencer told the column.

“That we are not accepted into a church just because of our sexuality? That is cruel. It touched me a lot. I am destroyed”, she said.

Sophia says she joined Universal after she read that Edir Macedo said in 2015 that gays were “welcome”. “He said that we would be welcomed. How do the faithful do such a thing? Who are these people to persecute others?”

This article is also available in: Português Español

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