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In the early hours of Thursday, September 24, Anitta performed on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” to promote her single “Me Gusta“, made in partnership with Cardi B and rapper Myke Towers.

Fallon also confirmed the album’s name: “Girl from Rio“. The performance was recorded in Rio de Janeiro and has Pão de Açúcar as a backdrop, marking Anitta’s second performance on the North American program. The first was to present “Switch”, by Iggy Azalea.

Anitta also released the music video for Me Gusta, recorded at Pelourinho, in Salvador, Bahia, and already has over 21 million views. In addition, the single is already one of Spotify‘s 50 most heard songs and accumulates 10 million streams.


In an interview with VEJA, Anitta confirmed that for her fifth album she had about 30 songs recorded and was selecting the best ones to enter the album. The idea of “Girl from Rio” is to bring Brazilianness to the world.

“I am trying to bring my culture and the rhythms of my country to the world with thoughts on femininity and prejudice, mixing English, Spanish and Portuguese.”

Originally, the idea was to release the album after Anitta’s performance at Coachella, but it was postponed to December due to a pandemic.

Me Gusta‘s music video was directed by Daniel Russell and released on September 18th. The idea is to introduce Afro-Latin people and also LGBTQIA+. In an interview with NBC News, Anitta said she talked to an expert on Afro-Brazilian history about the best way to show her roots through images.

“I understand that it is music for people to have fun, but in the video, behind, we have a message. We are extolling all kinds of women and saying how much we like it when they do what they want”.

Anitta performs on Jimmy Fallon's show; watch

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