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Last Tuesday (26), the “DJ” Pietra Bertolazzi used his Instagram account to post an LGBTphobic post. The self-styled blogger “anti-feminist”, “anti-globalist” and “anti-communist” made a publication questioning President-elect Joe Biden‘s choices for positions of trust. Biden recently named trans Shawn Skellye and Rachel Levine; gays Carlos Elizondo, Jeff Marootian and Pete Buttigieg; and also overturned a Trump measure that prevented trans people in the army.

The obvious suggestion of the post is that those called for the posts were not because of their technical capacity or professional qualifications, but because they belong to the LGBT+ community.

“Biden, 4 days in office: he appointed a trans to be Secretary of Health, another trans to the Defense Department, a gay man for Secretary of Transport and overturned the gender ban in the Armed Forces. He needs to decide whether he wants to be president of USA or The Week’s hostess”, says the image posted on his Instagram. “The Week” is a gay club in Brazil.


As a caption for the print of his tweet, Pietra wrote:

“On top of that, Biden also ordered companies to be punished if they don’t accept ‘trans’ clothing from their employees. That is, if you own a law firm, for example, and an employee appears dressed as a drag queen to defend a customer in an audience, you won’t be able to get that employee’s attention (let alone fire him, of course). After the Chinese have blatantly assumed the persecution of Christians in 2020, Biden has already dictated the trend towards 2021: heterophobia. If you are a Christian and straight, prepare yourself because soon you will be the minority repressed by the fury of those who have been victimized in recent years in favor of the diabolical and angry agenda behind progressivism “.

To complete the regrettable attitude, the far-right activist still boasted of her own ignorance regarding the LGBTQIA + theme: “Ps .: people commenting that I don’t know the difference between a trans and a drag. Last concern now “.

It is not the first time that Pietra has posted a biased post. At the beginning of the year, for example, the influencer published a photo of a Nike campaign – of a black woman exposing underarm hair – and wrote in the caption that the purpose of the advertising action “to please a micro minority that for any disturbance finds it pleasant to look at women with underarm hair (sic)” and generate “engagement in social networks and news in the idiocratic media”. For her, what “the sealing left wants to impose on the population is far from reflecting what is pleasing to our eyes “.

The topic generated a disapproving reaction in the comments of the publications on Twitter and Instagram, followed by several complaints against the militant’s profile.

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