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The Brazilian Institute of Sexual Diversity (IBDSEX) has just released the e-book “Ensaios sobre o perfil da comunidade LGBTI+” (Essays about LGBTI+ population profile” with data and analysis from the National Research of the LGBTI+ profile, made by the institution with Dignity Group and The National LGBTI+ Alliance. The national research had the goal to produce demographic, social, and economical data about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite, transexual, transgender, intersexual and other gender identities and sexual orientations (LGBTI+) to subsidize the actions and decisions of the civil society organizations and the public authorities, improving the creation of public politics that can benefit LGBTI+ people rights.


Publicity The sample presents a younger profile when compared to Brazilian society. From 8.918 collected answers by an online questionnaire, 47,0% were between 25 and 29 years old. About the education level, the LGBTI+ people sample is more schooled than the Brazilian society: 50,8% has finished or is finishing higher education; 48,2% lives with their heterosexual parents, considering that 22,1% had an income between 3 and 5 minimum wages and 21,4% had an income between 5 and 10 minimum wages – it is important to say that this percentage is risen by the answers of white people’s answers because they have a higher income than black/colored people. Besides the total, 15,7% answered that they do not have any religions or beliefs, but the highest percentage was of catholic people (21,2%) – however, even among catholics, 85,4% believes that religion does not necessarily make a person better. From the total, 62,5% answered that they have already thought about suicide and 52,6% have already suffered some kind of LGBT violence. From those who suffered violence, 28,2% said that it happened in the street, in the neighborhood, in the park or other public spaces; 22,4% at school, college, university, or course, and 18,5% on their own houses.  This data suggests that there is a huge scenario of violence that reaches the main circulation spaces of a person (public places, educational environment, and even homes). Actually, this intense and explicit violence scenario, when added to the lack of public politics, converts itself on mortal violence cases against LGBTI+ people, as it was already reported by organizations such as the National Association of Transvestites and Transexuals and the Gay Group from Bahia. Considering the lack of any official data, the main goal of IBDSEX was to fill this gap. Information is the only way for us to analyze this phenomenon and find solutions that can end violence against LGBTI+ people. Organized by Humberdo da Cunha Alves de Souza, Sérgio Rogério Azevedo Junqueira e Toni Reis, the document has the collaboration of Dayana Brunetto, Luiz Ernesto Merkle, Francielle Elisabet Nogueira Lima, Andressa Regina Bissolotti dos Santos, Júlia Monteiro Citon, Maurício da Silva Oliveira, Milena Santana da Conceição, Tatiane Amorim Coelho, Diego da Silva, Ibson Eduardo Batista, Isabel Cristina Pereira, Juliana Maria da Cruz, Mailson Palhano de Lima, Mariane Batista Martins, Roberta Previdi Abdul-Hak, Sara Chaia, Nahomi Helena de Santana, Marcos Vinicius de Freitas Reis, Sandson Rotterdan, Edmar Antonio Brostulim, Luiz Fernando Botelho Cordeiro, Luiz Oliveira, Marcio Albino. The e-book, which contains 225 pages, can be freely accessed and download by the IBDSEX website or if you click here.


The Brazilian Institute of Sexual Diversity (IBDSEX) is a non-financial organization with a focus on research and initial and continued formation about the theme of social diversity and gender, and also on the rescue and conservation of LGBTI+ memory in Brazil. It was founded on March 2nd in 2010 and it has already developed and acted in many projects, such as the National Research about Educational environment in Brazil 2016, the LGBTI+ Communication Guide 2018, the III LGBTI+ Advocacy, Health, and Citizenship Seminar, the National Research on LGBTI+ profile 2018 and the LGBTI+ International Congression. Our mission is to promote, considering a human’s right perspective, knowledge, and respect to sexual diversity and gender issues.

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