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A Brazilian porn star will be expelled from Australia after posting illegally his own videos having sex with his partner online, says the paper Daily Mail.

Fabrício da Silva Claudino, 32, was arrested in February after sharing a revenge porn movie with his ex-lover on the website OnlyFans.

He burst into tears in Local Central Court on Thursday, when we was sentenced to 11 months behind bars, with a period without conditional liberty of seven months.


The Instagram influencer said that he is happy that the probation is over and that he couldn’t wait to come back to his origin country.

“I’m not sorry,” said Claudino to The Daily Telegraph.

“Everything happens for a reason. But I had a very traumatic experience here in Australia. I’m really happy to come home and I’m glad this is over.”

Claudino will be deported after completing the rest of his penalty in Villawood Detention Center His sentence will be retroactive to February when he was arrested under custody.

He confessed himself guilty with 13 revenge porn accusations in July, but he tried to portray his guilt confession on Wednesday after claiming that he assumed the accusations “under cohesion”.


Judge Clare Farnan confirmed the guilt confession.

He was also considered guilty for having steroids and indecency accusations in public for repeated masturbation while he was on bail.

The 32-year-old man shared pictures and videos of his Australian tattooed lover in his OnlyFans under the profile of ‘FabricioMonkey’.

He then promoted the content for his 100.000 followers on Twitter and 30.000 followers on Instagram.

A video was recorded on his iPhone in the couple’s house in Marrickville last July, that showed the couple having sex for four minutes.

While his partner’s face was hidden, his tattoos were visible, making him easily identifiable to anyone who knew him.

He also shared graphic images of the genital organs of the man.

In a previous audience in court, his ex read an impact declaration of the victim that had four pages to reveal his trauma after realizing that he had been exposed online.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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