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Councilor Daniel Rabelo da Silva (39), from Curuça, in northeastern Pará, was arrested on suspicion of raping a 15-year-old teenager. The arrest was made at a post of the Federal Highway Police on October 23. The politician was on parole, but he did not comply with the times agreed with the police.

Curiously, Daniel do Abade (as he is better known) became involved in a controversy in 2019 by making harsh criticisms of the second edition of the LGBTQIA+ Parade in Curuça, calling the event “the end of the world” and that “immorality should stay within four walls”, “depravity” , “where you have seen male floss” and saying it was a “problem children see all that”.

Photo: Catraca Livre

With the negative repercussion, Instagram ended up deleting the post due to the massive denunciation of Internet users. In response, the councilman published a video saying he had the right to express his opinion.

“It is my right too” – said Daniel, accused of raping a teenager at the time – “It is absurd to delete the post of a person who is there demonstrating passively. I have many gay friends, but who are really gay, are not vandals who want to ‘appear’ “.

Abuse cases are relatively common in the country and the Dial 100 receives thousands of reports every year, but the estimated data is that the data accounted for does not come “even close” to reality. The reasons why people do not speak include prejudice, shame or even lack of information on the subject.

The organization “Childhood – for the protection of childhood” has a official website that guides people who know about sexual abuse cases to position themselves correctly, explaining what abuse is, how to identify it, how to report it, and various information about what a person should do to protect himself or others.

“Protecting childhood and youth is everyone’s responsibility.” says Childhood.

With information from Catraca Livre.

Councilman who considered LGBTQIA+ parade as depravity is arrested for raping a minor

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This article is also available in: Português Español

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