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Father Denis-Ricard directed and released a music video with transgender women and prostitutes on YouTube. With the name “Where did the good guys go?”, the release was on October 23rd. The religious took the date to hold a press conference on his official Instagram.

In music, the priest criticizes religious who use the name of God to judge and criticize those who would be “sinners”. This includes verses like “where is the love? / How can you forget ‘love you as I loved you’ (…) servants who do not serve / I want friends / pride and vanity, what did they do? I taught mercy that I want “

Denis-Ricard was born in Sena Madureira, in the interior of Acre, but has lived in São Paulo for at least 12 years, where he leads the Sanctuary Virgin of the Poor in Caieiras. In an interview with the Contilnet channel, he said that the idea of the clip is for people to stop judging others, as this is outside the purpose of the gospel.

If a heart can stop and think, and realize that in order to be Christ’s, it needs to live love and mercy, much more than the law. In these small [atitudes] is that Jesus reveals himself, so he says in the word, we won the mission, that’s the real goal “.

As for the possibility of receiving criticism from a more conservative wing of the Catholic Church, the priest says he is not concerned, as his mission is to take the word of God to people and he is confident that he transmits the teachings of Christ.

“I am not concerned with what they will think, I am concerned with what the holy spirit is raising and the church itself is raising. Because I am very clear that [o videoclipe] is completely aligned with the gospel of Christ and with the thinking of the church “.

“Including the question ‘Where did the good guys go?’ comes from a phrase by Pope Leo XIII, which says: “The audacity of the wicked, feeds on cowardice and the omission of the good” and Pope Francis, who is our current Pope. He is a great inspiration in his words, which are aligned with that of Christ in saying that he wants an open, welcoming church that leaves the four walls to go in search of those who are most in need. Those who do not have the strength to go to the church. So, my heart is very calm , for knowing that it is aligned with the church and the gospel “.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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