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For the second consecutive year, Mercedes-Benz Brazil’s actions aimed at promoting and valuing diversity in its factories stood out in the AB Diversity 2020 Award. On November 25, Mercedes-Benz was one of the 76 companies that competed for the award, organized by the editorial group Automotive Business, in partnership with MHD Consultoria.

“It is an honor to be among the companies awarded by AB Diversidade 2020 and for the second consecutive year” – celebrates Karl Deppen, President of Mercedes-Benz’s Brazil & CEO Latin America – “Last year, we were the company with the largest number of trophies and we remain strong, dedicated to Everyone Who Moves the World and, mainly, so that this world is more egalitarian, with diversity, versatility, inclusion and respect for people. This award is a response to the work we are doing with our audiences, especially our employees ” , says.

“We are convinced that more diversity brings us better results. For us it is important that our workforce reflects the diversity of our customers, suppliers, investors, dealers and society as a whole. All of this brings us more competitive advantages, but it is also a fundamental element for our social responsibility”, adds Deppen.

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Mercedes-Benz do Brazil is awarded for diversity initiatives

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, actions to promote a culture of respect were carried out in workshops, dialogues and training with employees from different hierarchical levels, areas and locations, always in the online format.

According to the press release, the actions were aimed at “recognizing, respecting and valuing the singularities of each person.” Company executives participated in a special agenda, with several meetings on the themes.

The actions are coordinated by the Mercedes-Benz Diversity Committee, created in 2017 and with the support of 100 volunteers who participate in the affinity groups on four themes: Gender, Race, LGBTI+ and people with a disability.

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