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The model Eloá Rodrigues, 27, was elected “Miss Beauty Trans Brazil 2020”, last weekend, in São Paulo. Carioca, she told the Extra newspaper that winning the contest “gives visibility and enhances the existence of trans people. He is a transgressor. People are not used to seeing us in a leading role ”.

Miss Beleza TT Brazil 2020
Miss Beauty TT Brazil 2020 – Reproduction / Instagram

Eloá lives in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, is a student of Social Sciences and presides over the LGBT municipal council of Niterói.

Even though she had a lot of information about herself and her condition, she said she acknowledged that it took her 21 years to understand what a trans person was.

“I have always understood myself as a woman, but I am from a time when the topic was not much discussed. So I spent 21 years of my life to understand myself. This to later assert myself and demand respect. It was not an easy journey”, told Extra.


Being trans and black in the country that kills the most transgender people and carries a long history of racism is a double challenge for Eloá, who receives many attacks and makes a point of countering them.

“I believe that each human being responds with what is inside him. They deliver hatred, I respond with light”.

Miss trans Brazil 2020 said that the fact of being trans was quiet for the family, but that she was even expelled from home for other situations. Today everyone gets along.

Eloá also said he recognized that much of what she is today has to do with the creation of the family “formed mostly by black women” and that this gave her the strength to move on.


Eloá’s next challenge is “Miss International Queen”, with candidates from all over the world, in Thailand, in February next year.

Does she think she can win this contest too? “I do believe that I look like Brazil”.

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