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After five days disappeared, a friend recognized the body of the rugby player Diogo Paz, 30, at the Legal Medical Institute (IML) in the city of São Paulo. The boy’s body was found in São Paulo with signs of beating and a stab, according to close friends. The police said they had not investigated the case because the hospital, where he was rescued, reported “natural” death from pulmonary emphysema due to illness.

Diogo Piece/ Reproduction
Diogo Paz / Reproduction

“It was a murder, he was the victim of a beating and whoever did it will have to pay,” , said a friend of Diogo Paz.

Even injured, the young man would have managed to pass the contact of his parents to people who were close, but family and friends say that his body stayed for five days at IML and no one would have warned about the death. Diogo was almost buried as a pauper, since his parents live in Rio Claro, in the interior of São Paulo, and only found out the case via social networks.

Diogo was part of the first Brazilian LGBT+ rugby team, the Tamanduás-Bandeira. On Instagram, the team asks for justice:

“We regretfully reported the death of our former athlete Diogo Paz, a victim of aggression in downtown São Paulo. We wish here our most sincere condolences to family and friends. Diogo was admitted to the Hospital do Servidor Público Municipal on 12/13 after being beaten but Diogo’s body stayed 5 days at IML without making contact with family members. The death report warns pulmonary emphysema due to illness. Violence will never stop horrifying us. It is our duty to demand that this case be explained. done. Who killed Diogo Paz ??? # justicefordiogopaz”, wrote the Tamanduás-Bandeira team.

Reproduction / @tamanduasbandeira

This article is also available in: Português Español

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