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Canadian singer Shawn Mendes once again commented on rumors about a possible homosexuality or bisexuality. In an interview with The Guardian, Mendes says he is very upset by this pressure.

“There was a desperation for me to ‘come out’ gay, which is a very ridiculous thing. I was upset because I know people who are gay and who didn’t come out and I know the suffering that they go through because of that. It’s just completely ignorant and insensitive people to talk about it “ – commented Mendes.

Already in an interview with the Entertainment Tonight channel, Mendes said that he intends to get engaged to his girlfriend.

“She is one of my best friends since I was 15 years old. I don’t know [se pedirá em casamento], I know we are a lot of young people, so I don’t want to get married, like, incredibly fast, but I think that when you meet that person, you feel and know you’ve found them – said the singer.

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Shawn Mendes tops list of most wanted names in gay porn in 2019

The gay porn site released a list of the ten most searched names by users. Singer Shawn Mendes ranks first, at the top of the list. Justin Bieber also appears in the ranking, but in third place. They are the only two on the list who do not appear on any porn videos.

Of the actors in the industry, the list is completed with William Seed, Matthew Camp, Joey Mills, Johnny Rapid, the Brazilian Diego Sans, Deangelo Jackson, Dante Colle and Michael Delray.

Shawn Mendes tops list of most wanted names in gay porn in 2019

Regardless of Mendes’ sexuality, it is not uncommon for gays to admire the singer, especially after his iconic Calvin Klein underwear campaign last year.

Is the video coming?

Kaleb Stryker, an actor on the website, recently released a video with an idea of performance.


Fan asks Shawn Mendes to marry and makes ceremony at meet and greet

On tour in Mexico, Shawn Mendes was surprised last Thursday, 19, with a marriage proposal made at a meet and greet (that kind of meeting with the artist to take a photo). Of course, the singer joined in the joke and said “yes”. The next day, on Friday, the fan came back and made a surprise for “fiancé” (like the one that Ludmilla did on Brunna’s birthday). With a veil, a bouquet and a bow tie, the boy improvised a wedding ceremony and the photos were great (click on this link to see).

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