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The traditional gay bar located in Chicago, Manhandler Saloon, “closed its doors” definitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating for 40 years, the bar opened in 1980 and was aimed at gay men. The information came from the official Facebook page of the bar, with a very simple message: “Thank you all very much! 1980-2020”.

After months closed due to social isolation, the traditional bar in Chicago managed to reopen during the North American summer (our winter), but it opened its doors for the last time on November 9th.

Many bars for the LGBTQIA+ public are being closed in 2020 in the States. This includes Blow Buddies in San Francisco and Sauna The Crew Club in Washington DC. Some bars that have closed include The Stud (San Francisco), Parliament House (Orlando) and Flaming Saddles (West Hollywood).

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Traditional gay bar in Chicago closes due to covid-19
Photo: Manhandler Saloon’s official Facebook

LGBTQIA+ ballads close in Brazil

But it is not only in the United States that the covid-19 pandemic is affecting traditional businesses aimed at the community. In Rio de Janeiro, the traditional Buraco da Lacraia, located in Lapa, closed its activities after 27 years also due to social isolation.

Buraco da Lacraia stayed for six months with “doors closed”, having only spent and savings were exhausted. Due to the uncertainty of a date for full reopening of activities, closing ended up being the only option. “It is a place of people bumping into each other, of live joy. I was thinking about other possibilities, about making lives, but there’s no way. Besides, no company was interested ”.

The latest edition will feature videokê released and drinks at popular prices. In an interview with Veja Rio, Adão says that he will take the opportunity to return to his homeland, Rio Grande do Sul, and does not rule out the possibility of selling the brand to someone who is interested in continuing the space. “The name is mine, it was registered. You have a whole idea behind it, it can be a good deal ”.

In addition to Buraco da Lacraia, TV BAR also ended its activities.

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