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This Thursday (9), the new world competition of music (and montage) “Queen Of The Universe” debuts, exclusively on Paramount+.. In its first season, the reality show produced by RuPaul will bring together fourteen drag queens from around the world, including the Brazilian Grag Queen.

Grag Queen is the only Brazilian representative in the international competition (Photo: Reproduction)

Presented by Graham Norton, each episode will showcase the vocal talent of the contestants who each week need to present a new musical performance in front of a live audience and also the “Pop Diva Panel”, jury formed by Vanessa Williams, Michelle Visage, Trixie Mattel and Leona Lewis.

In addition to the “Queen Of The Universe” title, the winner will receive a cash prize worth $250,000. In the first episode, seven drag queensintroduce themselves and discover that they will be evaluated for their looks, postures, attitudes and performances.

In the debut episode, the Brazilian Grag Queen is the first to perform and takes to the stage a reinterpretation of “Rehab”. “I absolutely loved it”, said Michelle Visage about the presentation of the girl from Rio Grande do Sul. Leona Lewis commented: “I have truly seen who you are.” Then another six drags perform: Betty Bitschlap, Chy’enne Valentino, WooWu, Novaczar, Gingzilla and Leona Winter.

The 14 competitors gathered on stage (Photo: Reproduction)

Grag Queen and the behind-the-scenes in competition

Grag Queen, 26, is from the city of Canela, in Rio Grande do Sul. On Tik Tok, drag already has more than two million followers, who love her performances and her exaggerated personality. Until 2020, he shared the musical project “Armário de Saia” with another drag queen, Wes.

At the press conference for the launch of the series, held last Tuesday (7th), Grag spoke about the backstage of the international competition and remembered when she received confirmation that she would be part of the cast. “We only had 15 days and I had to rush to organize everything. I didn’t even have a passport. I still had to think about the looks, since that we took everything. I didn’t even have clothes to walk in front of Michelle [Visage]”, recalled the drag.

Look used in the premiere of the show that had the theme “This is Me” (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Declared fan of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, Grag said she never imagined participating in a reality show produced by RuPaul. Also during the conversation led by Divina Raio-Laser, the artist said that the experience of living with drag queens from different parts of the world was enriching – they maintain a group on WhatsApp and talk to each other daily.

Backstage at the competition, Grag also talked about his friendship with Jujubee, one of the most famous drag queens in the Drag Race franchise. “She speaks a lot in Portuguese and loves coxinha. There was a moment when she asked me to explain what #EleNão was and I told her to use it and abuse it”, recalls the Brazilian.

In the first episode Grag sang “Rehab”, by Amy Winehouse, one of her favorite songs (Photo: Reproduction)

For Grag Queen, one of the most tense moments was preparing for the recording, when she saw the makeup, wig and clothes of the other contestants. “[…] A more expensive makeup than yours, a better wig, a better dress […], sometimes you get pressured. But I’m Brazilian, got it?! There’s no pressure,” joked the drag.

One of the most talked about moments on the internet was when Trixie Mattel called Grag a “vagabunda” during her entry on stage. “I was freaked out. Right away I thought: ‘Wow, this is for you to learn not to teach nonsense to a gringo’ […]. I thought it was really funny, I laughed,” she replied, laughing as she remembered the situation.

“Queen of The Universe” is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and World of Wonder.. In total there will be six episodes, always released on Thursdays on Paramount+.

Promotional look (Photo: Disclosure)


Premiere: Thursday, December 9, exclusively on Paramount+.
Unpublished episodes: every Thursday, exclusively on Paramount+ .

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