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The LGBT + Aceita party in Atibaia, in the interior of São Paulo, is getting ready for its first participation in the Mix Brasil Festival of Culture of Diversity that should take place on November 13, being another milestone to be celebrated in the production company’s brief history.

The party selected its resident DJ Marco Giovanetti to represent Aceita and includes the participation of also DJ Dan Rodrigues and performance by drag Agatha le Blanc. The repertoire will be predominantly pop music and includes anthems of gay culture, drag music, funk and electronic. Because of the date, Friday the 13th, the theme of the classic horror films will be present at the event.



Conducted by Associação Cultural Mix Brasil more than two decades ago, the Mix Brasil Festival of Culture of Diversity aims to respect and the free expression of sexual diversity, seeking new perspectives for understanding the LGBTQ+ community, different prejudices, fostering respect, promoting citizenship and fighting any and all forms of homophobia / transphobia.

Created in 1993, it has become a political and cultural reference nationally and internationally for issues related to LGBTQ+ and minority culture. With its origins linked to the New York Gay and Lesbian Experimental Film Festival, Festival Mix Brasil became the largest cultural event aimed at the LGBTQ+ audience in Latin America, being among one of the largest in the world in the segment.

Last year the festival’s audience was almost 35 thousand people who participated in the exhibitions, parties, theater, music, conference and debates. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the event will be online, on a secure platform, and a limited number of spectators in each exhibition and as in previous editions, the Festival will receive guests from various parts of the world and mainly Brazilians who will be presenting their works in audiovisual, music, literature, performance and theater.

Festa Aceita is the attraction of the Mix Brasil Festival on November 13

Friday 13: Accepts and Baile da Piri Festival Mix Brasil edition
11/13/20 at 22h
Information at

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