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In the month of Black Consciousness, the mobile operator TIM launched an application called “Keyboard Consciente TIM”, which warns users of prejudiced words, explaining the origin of the terms and proposing substitutions. It is not necessary to be a customer of the operator to download the app on iOS or Android.

“Education is fundamental in the evolution towards a more inclusive society. We wanted to collaborate on this journey, using our technology to reach more people. That was where the idea to create the keyboard came from, an action created by our agency, HavasPlus, in partnership with academics and black professionals from the Vírgula consultancy. Removing racist expressions from our vocabulary reinforces empathy, the ability to put yourself in the other’s place and build a future without prejudice “, highlights Ana Paula Castello Branco, director of Advertising and Brand Management at TIM.

TIM launches keyboard that suggests substitutions of prejudiced terms

It works like the spell checker that we see in a messaging app, but trying to replace words that we use everyday and that, often in innocence, we end up reproducing prejudices. How to “denigrate“, since that word means “make black”, for example.

Along with the app there is an intense campaign developed by HavasPlus to promote the keyboard on social networks. The action has a team of 12 black influencers from different segments, including humorist Yuri Marçal, researcher Winnie Bueno; Murilo Araújo, from the Muro Pequeno channel; Gleici Damasceno, BBB18 champion; photographer Roger Cipó, and singer Lellê, among others. IZA, brand ambassador, will also amplify the discussion, as will influencer Camilla de Lucas.


In the release sent by e-mail, TIM says that a third of the company’s employees are of black people and the objective is to further expand representativeness, including in leadership positions.

“Black people are 55.8% of the country’s population, for example, but they still do not have significant representation in large companies. This means that, to increase the presence of black people, also in leadership positions, we have to start from the beginning rethinking criteria and processes that may mean barriers to entry. TIM’s new internship program was designed precisely in this sense and is aligned with the current purpose of the brand, based on the values of freedom, respect and courage “, says TIM’s VP of Human Resources, Maria Antonietta Russo.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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