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Actor Tyler Posey, 29, was invited to participate in The Jason Ellis Show and, during the conversation, spoke quite frankly about the fact that he defined himself as pansexual in Instagram stories in August. The information is from the New Now Next channel.

According to Posey, he wants to use the social network “for good” and also comment on counter-transgender violence, something that is also common in the United States. Throughout the speech, he said that he had already slept with trans women and that that would not make him “less male”. Exposing yourself on the social network with almost 6 million followers is a service provision.

“I know that many children admire me and I just want to get rid of this st****” – said Posey to Ellis – “You can be whoever you want, be with whomever you want, and it doesn’t affect you or anyone else. The world is very strange. There are many stigmas around everything, especially in relation to sexuality.”

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Tyler Posey talks about hooking up with boys and if he has ever bottomed

On October 19, it was reported that the actor posted a video to his OnlyFans account that eventually leaked to social media. On the video, Posey says that he had at least two encounters with men in his life.

“I never had sex with a man – we did blowing [gíria em inglês para se referir ao ato de fazer sex oral e receber o mesmo favor em troca], you know what I mean” – he said – “I never had sex, but yes, I’ve been with men before”.

In another part of the video, he also says: “For those who are new here and are asking if I’ve been with guys before, the answer is yes. Have I ever used a Dildo? Yes. I’ve been f ****** with one before. ”

It is worth mentioning that his account at OnlyFans was created in September, but he already had intimate photos leaked in the year 2017.

Tyler Posey on proving to be pansexual:

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