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Among the 92,566 votes of the public at the Poc Awards 2020, Netflix was elected in the category “Take My Money” with 39% of the popular preference. The category, which was also disputed by Absolut, Avon, Climatempo, Natura, Skol, Skyy Vodka, Starbucks, Suzano and Uber, was aimed at brands that carried out activations focusing on the diversity of the respective year. Previously, the trophy was won by the Government of Bahia, for the “Here is Bahia, here is respect” campaign, and Shell, for bringing prominence to the trans truck driver Afrodite.

In 2020, in addition to the countless Netflix entertainment projects focusing on LGBT+, such as “The Boys in the Band” and “A Queen is born”, the multinational made the activation in Pride Month on the streets of São Paulo with video projections of series and iconic LGBTQIA+ characters from their works along with real tweets from people telling how these proud stories inspired them.

“At Netflix, we believe that more people deserve to see themselves reflected on the screen and more voices should have the chance to be heard. We are very happy to be recognized by the POC Awards in the ‘Take My Money’ category. Although we still have a lot of work to do, we have proud of the path we have taken so far with our talents and creators to bring more representativeness in our content, in front and behind the cameras. It is a commitment we have made, knowing the strength of entertainment in connecting people and raising important debates and reflections “, thanked the company when receiving the trophy.

Poc Awards 2020 Trophy,
Poc Awards 2020 Trophy, “Take My Money” category

In February, Netflix also announced that it will invest $100 million over the next five years, through the Fund for Creative Actions (Fund for Creative Equity), in content focused on diversity.

according to the CEO and content director Ted Sarandos, the fund will work in partnership with external organizations that have a “Strong track record of establishing underrepresented communities for success in the TV and film industries”,and the goal is to “Identify, train and provide jobs for emerging talent around the world”.

In January, Netflix presented its first diversity report conducted by USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, which indicated that while the platform’s programs have progressed towards inclusion, considering that in In the last two years there has been a significant increase in “women on screen and behind the scenes, black and creative casts and black women in leading roles”, there is still a lot to improve, considering that “Racial / ethnic representation varies by group and LGBTQI+ characters and characters with disabilities are rare”.

Check the list of winners of the Poc Awards 2020 at this link.

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