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On Decemeber sun, the GAY BLOG BR team revisited the most read articles of the year and gathered them in categories so that readers can elect, through voting, the deserving of the highly coveted POC AWARDS trophy. There were 2,478 articles written that had 9,605,875 hits, “a very difficult choice”, as they would say.

Mixing activism, recognition and debauchery, the award also tends to bring visibility to independent LGBTs artists and encourage initiatives by companies and allies that “blow the bubble” to promote diversity in their respective places of speech.

This year, SCRUFF Brasil was invited to be part of the technical jury, having chosen 7 nominees to literally pay homage, 2 of them from the category that bears his name and elects “magic boys”.

And with more than 92.566 votes, the winners of the POC AWARDS 2020 are:

Community spokesperson: Rita Von Hunty (Popular vote: 68%)
POC OF THE YEAR: Igor Cosso (Popular vote: 27%)
PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR: Silvero Pereira (Popular vote: 15%)
HOMOSEXUAL VIRTUAL SOCIAL SHAKER: Luan Poffo (Popular vote: 27%)
MILITANT OF THE YEAR: Duda Salabert (Popular vote: 24%)
MILITANT OF THE YEAR: Erika Hilton (Jury)
SCRUFF (Hoy guy): Pedro Paulo Castilho, for Btchs Magazine (Popular vote: 17%)
SCRUFF (Hoy guy): Thammy Miranda (Jury)
SCRUFF (Hot guy): Iran Giusti, fot the Chicos project (Jury)
ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Pabllo Vittar (Popular vote: 47%)
LIVE OF THE YEAR: Daniela Mercury (Popular vote: 30%)
LIVE DO ANO: Lulu Santos (Jury)
WHAT AN ANTHEM: “Rainha da Balbúrdia” – Daniela Mercury (Popular vote: 30%)
POC BRAZILIAN MUSICIAN: Gabeu (Popular vote: 16%)
GAY’S ANATOMY: Bruno Branquinho (Popular vote: 33%)
THE PEAK: Irmãos Dotados x Victor Ferraz  (Popular vote: 42%)
ALLY: Xuxa against Low-Astral (Popular vote: 37%)
INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR: Priest Júlio Lancellotti (Popular vote: 63%)
THE BOSH OF THE YEAR: Hugo Bonemer with nude promise (Popular vote: 42%)
THEY WHO FIGHT: SP sanctioning law to fine LGBTphobia (Popular vote: 46%)
INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR: Felipe Neto (Popular vote: 44%)
NON TOXIC STRAIGHT OF THE YEAR: Marcelo Bechler (Popular vote: 53%)
BIG DAY: Latam expels homophobic passenger (Popular vote: 36%)
UNICORN (Entrepreneurship): The Bread That The Knead Kneaded (Popular vote: 57%)
UNICORN (Entrepreneurship): Tunnel Ballad (Jury)
HAS LOCATION (Empowering space): Museum of Sexual Diversity(Popular vote: 47%)
FRIENDLY PLATFORM (Against hatred): Instagram (Popular vote: 41%)
ICON 2020: Vittor Fernando (Popular vote: 35%)
TAKE MY MONEY: Netflix (Popular vote: 39%)

Check out all nominees and the voting results:

This article is also available in: Português Español

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