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On September 14, LATAM Airlines Brazil expelled a passenger from flight LA3333 (São Paulo / Guarulhos – Fortaleza) for homophobic behavior. At the time, a flight attendant asked the passenger, who was asleep, to put the seat in the starting position during takeoff. According to witnesses, the passenger was reportedly angry and started the offenses. When calling the commissioner “viadinho de costa”, the professional decided to report what happened to the boss, who was also offended, being called “another crap”. The pilot, in turn, was warned about homophobia and returned the aircraft to the base for the Federal Police to remove the miscreant from the plane.

The news above generated great repercussion among readers and was nominated for the “Big Day” category, at the Poc Awards 2020, a category intended for institutions that actively acted against LGBTphobic positions. LATAM competed alongside CNN Brasil dismisses Leandro Narloch after LGBTfobic speech, Son 04 of Jair B. is banned from social network after homophobia, Jair loses lawsuit to priest who called him homophobic. With 36% of the popular vote, LATAM’s position was elected winner of the category.

Poc Awards 2020 – Reproduction / CDN communication

In a note, upon receiving the trophy, LATAM thanked the public and reinforced without commitment to diversity:

“We are very happy to receive this award. Diversity is a theme that is present in our root and purpose, in view of the nature of our business. We operate in several countries and, in Brazil, in all states, with a staff of employees with different professional profiles from the most diverse backgrounds. The diversity in the LATAM team and the multiplicity of thoughts, ideas and creativity is a great strength and fundamental to our development. In addition, we have a structured code of conduct to guide the conduct of ethical practices. The attitude of our employee, who contributed to this recognition, shows us that we are on the right path, since this document offers all the support for employees to take a position on situations that go against company policy, which does not tolerate any type of discrimination and / or harassment. Count on us! “

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This article is also available in: Português Español

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