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After the story of Bezerro Zs being abandoned in the rain after the Christmas dinner, a reader wrote to the section SCRUFF Responde with a big question: “How do I know if I’m a bottom?”

“I’m not ‘pavê'” – Picture: Loja das Pocs

We invited Dr. Vinicius Lacerta (@drvinilacerda), a digestive system surgeon and coloproctologist, to answer the reader’s question.

This has to do with preference, with wish. There are bottoms who can’t be bottoms. It’s a definition of your preference if you prefer to be penetrated”, explains Lacerda.

About the bottoms that can’t do anal sex, the coloproctologist says that there are still some possible explanations: “Let’s start with the anatomy of your anus: it is nothing more than a circular muscle with the ability to contract and relax like any other, with the aim of promoting stool continence. There are actually two muscle structures: the anal sphincter external, voluntarily controlled, and the internal anal sphincter, which we cannot consciously control, so that penetration can occur satisfactorily and in a way that is pleasurable, there must be a relaxation of both muscles. The intern only relaxes unconsciously, just like the penis erection. It is necessary to be really comfortable with your partner and consider some factors so that he can relax “.

The doctor also gave some tips:

– Just like any muscle, the sphincter can become tired. This can last from one to two minutes. When you are in pain, it’s because it’s still contracting. Wait a while until you continue with the penetration;

– Prefer positions in which you have more penetration control, like when you sit on the top or the side. In this way you can feel better when you try to make the penis go in a little more;

– Use your own lubricants to do this. When you think that it’s really lubricated, you add a little bit more.

– Don’t stimulate the penis at the moment that your partner is penetrating for the first time. That’s it! The penis stimulation makes you contract your pelvic muscles and it makes the penetration more difficult;

– Evacuate before the sex and do your hygiene. Clean your butthole only if you judge it necessary to feel like there are some dry feces in your rectum. This helps you relax, but eventually, accidents can happen and it’s not a big deal;

– Game is game, practice is practice. To play with dildos alone or with your partner before the penetration itself can make the process easier.

– In case the difficulties persist, search the coloproctologist doctor.

Follow Dr. Vinicius Lacerda on Instagram @drvinilacerda.

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