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The singer Demi Lovato joined the team of artists who made a statement against the preliminary decision from the Federal Justice of the Federal District that allows psychologists to treat gays and lesbians as diseased people.

With the decision, psychologists can perform conversion therapy without suffering any kind of censorship by the profession councils.

Demi at Los Angeles Pride, in 2014

On a post made on her Facebook account on this Wednesday (20), Demi Lovato shared a picture of a closed fist, painted in the rainbow colors, which represents the LGBTQ community, followed by the writing “Love isn’t a disease, it is a cure” and “Treat your prejudice” The picture became the icon of the outrage against the liberation of the so-called gay cure. She even wrote:

“Pensando em vocês hoje, Brasil. I hope we see this wrong decision fixed soon. Eu amo vocês.”

Demi Lovato makes a statement against the “gay cure”. (Picture: Reproduction/Facebook/Demi Lovato)

The decision, made by the judge Waldemar Cláudio de Carvalho, is preliminary and partially attends the request of a popular action. This kind of treatment is prohibited since 1999 by a resolution of the Psychology Federal Council. The Council stated that it’s going to appeal.

Information taken from G1

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