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Ryan Murphy, 54, the man responsible for Glee, Pose and Ratched made a revelation in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The day after the prom, his parents took him to a psychiatrist to “cure” him of his homosexuality.

Fortunately for Murphy and generations of future fans, his psychiatrist was much more informed about human sexuality than Murphy’s parents at the time. After “several sessions”, the doctor spoke privately to Murphy’s parents and gave them a choice. They can try to change your child and lose him in the process, or they can “accept and love him”.

His parents eventually made the right choice, but his acceptance came slowly.

“I was very blessed”, Murphy continued. “When I went to my prom, I had already been there, but I still got a girlfriend because I wasn’t allowed to go in with my colleague.”

Sarah Paulson and producer Ryan Murphy / Reproduction

Inspire others

Although Murphy’s own psychiatric experiences were not as unpleasant as those described in Ratched, they were nevertheless emotional and he used memory to inspire and connect with others.

“I know the feeling of being humiliated for your sexual preference. I know the feeling of thinking that you have no allies, and so it happens”, he noted. He later added “if I had had this feeling of acceptance and belonging, how different my life would have been.”

Murphy made the revelations by releasing his latest film, The Prom, which will be released on December 11 on Netflix and starring Merryl Streep and Nicole Kidman. The adaptation of the Broadway musical hit of the same name by Matthew Sklar in 2018 is his latest streaming effort this year, adding to the blockbusters of Hollywood and Ratched. Some of his other credits include Glee, Pose, Running With Scissors from 2006 and the 2014 adaptation of Larry Kramer‘s play, The Normal Heart.

Ryan Murphy/ Reproduction

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