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From October 03 until October 15, São Paulo will host Casa Ponte, an open space to discuss gender issues, respect and transformations. In addition to many influencers from the LGBT scene, Casa Ponte will count with the presence of Daniela Mercury, Lea T and Johnny Hooker. For the opening, SKYY Vodka will bring the actress who plays Nomi Marks on Sense8, Jamie Clayton.

Sense8 actress will be a special guest of Skyy Vodka – Casa Ponte

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About SKYY Vodka

SKYY Vodka is a brand created in the 90s, in the place of greater plurality in the world, San Francisco. Its creator, Maurice Kanbar, was inspired by the city in order to give personality to the product: the shade of cobalt blue is inspired by the Californian skies and the liquor goes through an innovative filtration and distillation process, aiming to achieve the highest degree of purity, just like the city’s inhabitants, with free thoughts and great liberties.

In 2002, SKYY Vodka arrived in Brazil and quickly won the preference of the country’s most demanding public, not only for its flavor, but for engaging in diversity causes.

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Picture from Pride LA

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