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The British Council opened registration for a free online course, whose theme is “Gender in Language Teaching”, with the objective of teaching teachers, especially those of English language, how to teach without replicating gender stereotypes. Subscriptions can be made through the official website.

The course will be taught in English by a team from the United Kingdom and, therefore, the Brazilian participants will be accompanied by an English teacher specialized in gender: Tamires Gama (@simplifica.ingles). This follow-up will happen on Telegram, and will not only allow for clearing up doubts with Tamires, but also to interact with other Brazilian participants.

The purpose of the course is to offer participants the opportunity to learn and debate the following issues:

- BKDR -

• Ways of perceiving gender inequalities within the classroom;
• Stereotypes associated with boys and girls;
• Development of the gender debate in educational discussion;
• Ways to explain and mitigate gender barriers in education.

British Council offers course for teachers not to reproduce gender stereotypes in the classroom
British Council offers course for teachers not to reproduce gender stereotypes in the classroom

The course is divided into three modules: Gender representativity in teaching materials; Gender equity in language learning; and Working with gender equality in education. Classes start on December 14th and run until January 11th, 2022. The course issues an international certificate recognized by the British Council and provides networking with participants from all over the world.

On December 16, at 6 pm, there will be a webinar mediated by Tamires Gama and with the participation of international guests. The objective is to explain the course’s methodology and clarify doubts. The event will be broadcast online throughout Latin America and entries can be made via this link. If any teacher wishes to register after the webinar, registration will be open and the classes already held will be available online.


Course “Gender in Language Teaching” – British Council Brazil

  • When: December 14, 2021 to January 11, 2022
  • Where: online via the Telegram app
  • Subscriptions on this link.

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