União Europeia passa a ser uma "área de liberdade para os LGBTs"

European Union becomes an “area of freedom for LGBTs people”

"This resolution is an impact message for the governments of the European Union" - says the author of the text.

“Jair Bolsonaro buys his support base with positions and amendments”, emphasizes Sâmia Bomfim.

By popular vote, the law against LGBT phobia in São Paulo, authored by Sâmia e Reis, won in the category “Women who fights” at the 2020 Poc Awards.
Deputado bolsonarista que quebrou placa de Marielle Franco é preso pelo STF

Bolsonarist deputy who broke Marielle Franco’s plate is arrested by the STF

The arrest warrant for Congressman Daniel Silveira (PSL-RJ) is flagrant and unreliable; however, it must be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies.
Bolsonaro diz que Brasil tem que deixar de ser "país de maricas"

MPF asks STJ to keep condemning Bolsonaro for homophobia

Bolsonaro said he would not have a gay son because everyone was "very well educated"
Ministério de Damares não investe no combate à pedofilia há pelo menos dez anos

Ministry of Family has not invested in actions to combat pedophilia for a least...

Damares says we need to fight pedophilia
recebeu apelidos como "Osmar Trevas", "Osmar Terra Plana", "Osmar Erra" e "Osmar Enterra"

Osmar Terra (MDB) becomes defendant for suspending public notice with funding for LGBTQIA+ themed...

The four works attacked by Bolsonaro ("Afronte", "Transversal", "Religare Queer" and "Reverse Sex") that had been previously selected were no longer on the list of accepted projects
Bispos denunciam Bolsonaro na ONU e OMS: "Negacionista e indiferente à dor"

Bishops denounce Bolsonaro at the UN and WHO: “Negative and indifferent to pain”

They also endorse more than 60 impeachment requests
dj chateada

Bolsonarist DJ is upset by Biden’s nominations: “He wants to be hostess (sic) of...

According to the former employee of João Doria, Biden dictated "heterophobia" as a trend for 2021
Joe Biden nomeia mais um membro abertamente gay para seu governo

Joe Biden appoints yet another openly gay member to his government

Marootian has served as Director of Transportation in Washington D.C since 2017, standing out for helping companies survive during the coronavirus pandemic.
Com colapso de saúde de Manaus, Carlos Bolsonaro posta vídeo de 'pirocaço'

With deaths in Manaus, Carlos Bolsonaro shows rubber soles hitting a pot

Luciano Huck called a pot against the Bolsonaro government that started at 8:30 pm as a protest to the collapse in Manaus hospitals
Gay apoiador de Trump que invadiu Capitólio diz estar arrependido e com medo

Gay supporter of Trump who broke into the Capitol says he is sorry and...

"I fear for my life. I regret not having done a survey and not knowing why people were there." - said

“Masculinists”: the terrorist group that invaded the Capitol

The followers of the "masculinities" philosophies even practice homosexual sex among themselves because they are devoted to the male aesthetic, but they do not consider themselves gay
Fernando Collor nega romance com Pierre Cardin

Fernando Collor denies romance with Pierre Cardin

To the invitation of movie director Cacá Diegues, Pierre Cardin came to Brazil in the 70's to participate in the shootings of "Joana, the French"
Marcelo Crivella, bispo LGBTfóbico bolsonarista da Igreja Universal, é preso no Rio de Janeiro

Marcelo Crivella, LGBTphobic bolsonarist of the Universal Church, is arrested in Rio de Janeiro

Crivella repeatedly attacked the LGBT+ community during his tenure, also trying to censor a Marvel comic book
Carolina Iara é a primeira pessoa intersexo na Câmara dos Vereadores de São Paulo

Carolina Iara is the first intersex person to graduate from the São Paulo City...

On Instagram, ANTRA highlighted that Carolina Iara is the first intersex person elected in Brazil: "Historic"
Pete Buttigieg, ex-pré-candidato gay dos EUA, é nomeado para Secretaria de Transportes

Pete Buttigieg, a former gay US candidate, is nominated for the Secretary of Transportation

"I am nominating Pete because he is prepared to act on the challenges of the intersection between jobs, infrastructure, equity and climate" - said Biden

Pandemic gay orgy organizer says he receives politicians from nine countries

MEP József Szájer, who opposes LGBT rights in Hungary, was arrested this week at one of these orgies
Eduardo Paes diz que RJ será a capital da diversidade: "Um governo preconceituoso vai terminar"

New major says that Rio de Janeiro will be the capital of diversity: “A...

"The great role of the Carioca today is to celebrate that a prejudiced government, omitted in recent years, will end"

In a debate without proposals, mayor says that his opponent wants to make Rio...

In the last debate before the vote, on TV Globo, Marcelo Crivella and Eduardo Paes, candidates for the mayor of Rio, left for attacks

Trump would have won if LGBTQ voters had not voted for Biden in undecided...

Analysis of the LGBTQ Nation website shows that if LGBTQ people had decided to stay home instead of voting, Trump would have won with 289 delegates

Crivella calls Dória a “tramp” and uses the term homophobic; see the video

Crivella's name-calling took place at a meeting with affiliates, where those present vibrate with the offenses and applaud the mayor

Italian Gay Party is born wanting to conquer up to 15% of the country’s...

The new and ambitious Italian political party was presented on Thursday (19) at a press conference
 Viúva de Marielle, Mônica Benício, se elege com 22 mil votos: "Ela não será interrompida"

Marielle’s widow, Mônica Benício, is elected with 22 thousand votes: “She will not be...

"After my result, democracy won over barbarism. Democracy won over violence. Today, we win. Today, Marielle will not be stopped." - says Mônica Benício

LGBTI+ candidacies received 450,800 votes in Brazil, shows survey

The data show that 48 people from the community were chosen for the positions of mayor and councilor and 93 for alternates

Two trans people among the most voted for the São Paulo Chamber

With 99% of the polls counted, Erika Hilton (PSOL) had 50,447 votes and Thammy Miranda (PL), son of singer Gretchen, had 43,297 votes

Number of trans people elected to the legislature triples in Brazil

25 trans people had victory in this year's elections, according to the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra), in a total of 294 candidates
Procuradores do MP querem que Bolsonaro seja investigado por homofobia

MP prosecutors want Jair Bolsonaro to be investigated for homophobia

He will be investigated for the Guaraná Jesus case

U.S. President-elect appoints transgender and two more LGBT professionals to transition team

In addition to Shawn Skelly, Biden chose Dave Noble to manage the NASA group and Chai Feldblum for the Department of Justice

Collective candidacies to city councils attract LGBTQ+ candidates

In the year that LGBTQ+ candidacies set records, collective mandates are also an alternative to conquer space in politics

Evangelical candidate allegedly filmed masturbating and touching man in bathroom

Candidate does not deny or confirm that he is in the video, but posted a biblical message: "we continue to pick up stones against each other"