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Recently interviewed by Gay Blog BR, lawyer William Callegaro (31) is the only gay man in the PT-PSB coalition to run for a federal deputy in São Paulo. Focusing on generations Z and Y, the candidate has used alternative media to increase the visibility of his proposals, such as TikTok and, starting this week, the SCRUFF app, aimed at gay and bisexual men.

Candidate for federal deputy creates profile on SCRUFF to show proposals
William Callegaro – Photoshoot

“The LGBT+ agenda cannot help but be the main struggle of my campaign, since, as a gay man and lawyer, I have an ethical and moral duty to work for the creation of laws of national scope for this population. After all, I’m just here today because of the struggle and death of many other LGBTs. I need to honor this commitment with those who allow me to exist today. I will fight to turn into law all the STF understandings that gave rights to LGBT people”, says Callegaro to Gay Blog BR.

William Callegaro’s profile on the SCRUFF app has already won the “blue badge“, which refers to the verification of user authenticity. In his profile description, William also shares his urn number and two informal photos.

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To contact the candidate through the app, simply enter the “Search” tab and enter the candidate’s name in the “Profile Name” field.

William Callegaro’s profile in the SCRUFF app – photo

Check out William Callegaro’s interview, in full, made by Gay Blog BR at this link.

William Callegaro, candidato a deputado federal de SP: “É urgente que lideranças LGBT+ ocupem os espaços políticos”

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