"Depois Daquela Festa"

Son discovering his father’s homosexuality is the theme of the short film “After That...

The films of the "Curta Woofs" show, which can be accessed for free from the SCRUFF app, will be available until March 25
Tensão e atração com entregador de comida é tema do curta gay "Beat 97"

Tension and attraction with food delivery is the theme of the gay short “Beat...

Álvaro has been quarantined for 97 days without leaving home and uses delivery apps for everything he needs
São Sérgio e São Baco: conheça o casal gay que teria sido abençoado pela Igreja Católica

St. Sergius and St. Bacchus: meet the gay couple who would have been blessed...

Both went through a rite called "adelphopoiesis" that consisted of a type of homoaffective union,
Eloína dos Leopardos: A musa dos felinos da noite gay carioca

Leopard Eloin: The muse of the felines of the gay night in Rio

Eloin has a lot of story to tell, muse of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and also of the gay night, she was already the subject of a documentary, lived in Europe and created one of the most popular shows: The Night of the Leopards
Fabricio Licursi o presente

Meeting scheduled in the app during lunch is the plot of the movie “The...

The Brazilian short film "The gift", from 2019, is in the exhibition "Curta Woofs", made by the SCRUFF application
Freddie Mercury perguntou ao namorado se ele tinha p@u grande quando o conheceu

Freddie Mercury asked his boyfriend if he had a big dick when he met...

Both stayed together for six years
Sem internet, vizinhos gays acabam se encontrando pessoalmente; assista ao curta "Desconexo"

Without internet, gay neighbors end up meeting in person; watch the short film “Disjointed”

The Brazilian short film, which features the protagonist of the actor Júlio Oliveira, is in the exhibition "Curta Woofs" promoted by the SCRUFF application

Hugo Bonemer:“I wish I could tell LGBT stories from a more trivial point of...

With 42% of the popular vote, actor Hugo Bonemer took the 2020 Poc Awards trophy in the category “The Bosh of the Year”
Fachada da boate Le Boy - Reprodução

Le Boy: the disco that marked an era in Rio de Janeiro

Henry Cavill, Calvin Klein, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Rupert Everett, Katy Perry and Rihanna were some of the regulars
Produtora pornô daz paródia do comercial de JLo: "Cool Master"

Porn producer parodies commercial with JLo: “Did you just attack my village?”

“Did you attack my village? You are going to pay for this”.
Novo personagem de Rainbow Six é gay e tem marido, diz empresa criadora do game

New Rainbow Six character is gay and has a husband, says game creator

The novelty generated controversy within the gamer environment

Gabriel Castro talks about the success of “O Pão Que o Viado Amassou”

"O Pão Que O Viado Amassou" won the Poc Awards 2020 trophy, by popular vote, in the category focused on entrepreneurship.
Invasores do Capitólio afirmam que vacina contra covid faz as pessoas virarem gays

Capitol invaders say covid vaccine makes people gay

A member of the Capitol said he "has friends who are gay"

Silvero Pereira:”If the market doesn’t understand that I can go beyond my identity, then...

The actor, author and director Silvero Pereira won, by popular vote, the trophy Poc Awards 2020 in the category "Personality of the Year".
Livro de conduta para mórmons jovens incita violência homofóbica

Conduct book for young Mormons incites homophobic violence

The.Gay Blog BR newsroom was approached by Gilberto's colleague on a Mormon mission after the participant's statements about sexual prejudice
Vencedor do PocAwards 2020, Gabeu fala sobre arte e sexualidade

“No conscious discourse on minorities has entered the sertanejo yet”, says Gabeu.

Winner of the 2020 Poc Awards by popular vote in the "Brazilian Poc Musician" category, Gabeu talked to GAY BLOG BR about being a poc, pressure to be the son of Solimões and, of course, music.

Elisa Mascaro, the pioneer entrepreneur of the LGBT+ night in São Paulo

Between the 70s and 80s, Mascaro was at the head of three of the most prestigious clubs of the time:K-7, Medieval and Corintho
"Se personagens LGBT+ te deixam desconfortável, pare de nos seguir", diz direção de The Walking Dead

“If LGBT+ characters make you uncomfortable, stop following us,” says director of The Walking...

The post was a response to criticism directed at the series spin-off, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which features a gay couple

“Bananaloca”, the publication that originated the G Magazine

The last active in the segment, G Magazine went out of circulation in June 2013 after 176 editions, leaving the market without an equivalent product
Promotor pede prisão de vigilante que não evitou um ataque homofóbico

Prosecutor calls for arrest of vigilante who did not prevent homophobic attack

In addition to punishing the aggressor, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Barcelona ordered the arrest and disqualification of the security agent

“It is necessary to deconstruct some issues of fetishes”, says PWD about the LGBT+...

In an interview with GAY BLOG BR, Sidinei Júnior tells about childhood, activism and plans

Orkut social network was founded 17 years ago by gay engineer

The social network was named after the creator of the platform, the Turkish Orkut Buyukkokten, who is currently CEO of and a columnist for GAY BLOG BR.
Em entrevista exclusiva para o GAY BLOG BR, André Fischer relembra dificuldades da produção de conteúdo nos anos 90 e avalia a militância atual

André Fischer recalls difficulties in the production of content in the 90s and assesses...

In an exclusive interview with GAY BLOG BR, the founder of the MixBrasil Festival cites favorite works that went through the event and talks about his next project
Ator pornô esclarece dúvidas de leitores

Porn actor clarifies readers’ doubts

This week, the SCRUFF Responds invited the young actor porn Igor Baianinho, the HotBoys producer, to answer questions from readers. To send questions to the column, write to
Bruno Sodré: Da lavanderia de casa para um salão de beleza de alto padrão no Morumbi

Bruno Sodré: from home laundry to a high-end beauty salon in Morumbi

Bruno Sodré is his own story of overcoming: he grew up in Capão Redondo and today he owns a renowned beauty salon that bears his name
Hig Roberts

After coming out of the closet, alpine skier reports “smoother and easier” life

“When I started to move up the sport hierarchy, I didn't see anyone or hear from anyone who thought the same way as I did”
Boy Magia: Altieres Lopes

ASSAY: Altieres Lopes for Cactos Magazine

Born in Brasília, Altieres reveals his beauty in the lenses of Cactos Magazine
Ator Matthew Camp tem casa incendiada enquanto dormia; suspeita-se de crime de ódio

Actor Matthew Camp has his house burned down while sleeping; hate crime is suspected

A member of the "Church of Satan" said he was going to set his house on fire
Joe Biden nomeia mais um membro abertamente gay para seu governo

Joe Biden appoints yet another openly gay member to his government

Marootian has served as Director of Transportation in Washington D.C since 2017, standing out for helping companies survive during the coronavirus pandemic.
Líder religioso diz que vacina tornará as pessoas gays

Religious leader says vaccine will make people gay

Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Asor says the vaccine is part of a Bill Gates plan with Iluminates to turn all people into gays