Invasores do Capitólio afirmam que vacina contra covid faz as pessoas virarem gays

Capitol invaders say covid vaccine makes people gay

A member of the Capitol said he "has friends who are gay"
"Se personagens LGBT+ te deixam desconfortável, pare de nos seguir", diz direção de The Walking Dead

“If LGBT+ characters make you uncomfortable, stop following us,” says director of The Walking...

The post was a response to criticism directed at the series spin-off, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which features a gay couple
Promotor pede prisão de vigilante que não evitou um ataque homofóbico

Prosecutor calls for arrest of vigilante who did not prevent homophobic attack

In addition to punishing the aggressor, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Barcelona ordered the arrest and disqualification of the security agent
Ator pornô esclarece dúvidas de leitores

Porn actor clarifies readers’ doubts

This week, the SCRUFF Responds invited the young actor porn Igor Baianinho, the HotBoys producer, to answer questions from readers. To send questions to the column, write to
Hig Roberts

After coming out of the closet, alpine skier reports “smoother and easier” life

“When I started to move up the sport hierarchy, I didn't see anyone or hear from anyone who thought the same way as I did”
Boy Magia: Altieres Lopes

ASSAY: Altieres Lopes for Cactos Magazine

Born in Brasília, Altieres reveals his beauty in the lenses of Cactos Magazine
Ator Matthew Camp tem casa incendiada enquanto dormia; suspeita-se de crime de ódio

Actor Matthew Camp has his house burned down while sleeping; hate crime is suspected

A member of the "Church of Satan" said he was going to set his house on fire
Joe Biden nomeia mais um membro abertamente gay para seu governo

Joe Biden appoints yet another openly gay member to his government

Marootian has served as Director of Transportation in Washington D.C since 2017, standing out for helping companies survive during the coronavirus pandemic.
Líder religioso diz que vacina tornará as pessoas gays

Religious leader says vaccine will make people gay

Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Asor says the vaccine is part of a Bill Gates plan with Iluminates to turn all people into gays
marco jogador de basquete

Swiss basketball player reveals he is gay so he doesn’t have to lead a...

"I have been changing personalities until now, and it was affecting my mental health" - said
Anderson Cooper diz que ser gay aos 7 anos e conta por que demorou para sair do armário

Anderson Cooper realized he was gay at 7 and tells why it took him...

Cooper is considered one of the most prominent gay journalists on US television by The New York Times

Gay nightclub in London offers to serve as a vaccination center

As a way to more quickly compensate for the financial setback, some of the owners of these establishments offered their properties
Furar o isolamento social para ir a festas é um ato racista, diz Barrett Pall

Drilling social isolation to go to parties is a racist act, says Barrett Pall

After reports of crowded parties in Mexico, the influencer notes that this is the privilege of white cis people and puts the local health system at risk
bezerro passivo na chuva

Relationship app sympathizes with bottom that was abandoned in the rain

SCRUFF has issued a warning to raise awareness among gays about hospitality labels
Ativo deixa 4 passivos esperando na chuva: "Só entrou o primeiro que chegou no local"

A top left 4 bottoms waiting in the rain: “Only the first one who...

Exclusively, Bezerro ZS talked to GAY BLOG BR about a misfortune on Christmas Day

Policeman is sentenced to indemnify Xuxa after defaming LGBT+ children’s book published by the...

The presenter of Rede TV Sikêra Jr., pastor Silas Malafaia, former senator Magno Malta and Carla Zambelli are also being sued by the presenter
Surfista diz que abandonou o circuito por paranoia em ser gay

Surfer says he left the circuit due to paranoia about being gay

"I left the circuit out of total paranoia for being gay. Simple and straightforward, that was it."
Majur estampa capa digital da revista inglesa Gay Times

Majur prints digital cover of British magazine Gay Times

During an interview, the Bahian singer also commented on the high rate of violence against trans people in Brazil
Will Smith não fez cena de beijo gay com medo dos amigos

Will Smith did not make gay kiss scene for fear of friends

"It was very immature on my part."

11 years ago, Octavia St. Laurent, the star of “Paris is Burning”, left us

A central figure in the award-winning documentary, the trans activist lived with HIV and served as an educator for issues surrounding the epidemic

“Cubanos”, Antonio da Silva’s new film bets on Latin sensuality

After shooting several sexy films in the four corners of the world, Antonio Da Silva strikes again, this time in Mi Cayito, showing all the beauty of Cubans
Ambientado no Japão de 1944,  "Voltando para Casa" fica disponível no streaming até dia 22

Set in Japan in 1944, “Coming Home” is available on streaming until the 22nd

Available for free on streaming, the plot in Fukuoka, Japan, during the war period

Negritude, Activism and Diversity – Batekoo, the party that exalts the black LGBT+ community...

Batekoo is the party that shakes the country, a democratic space that praises the ethnicity and diversity of bodies and sexual orientations
Freira visita bar lésbico e diz: "Amor de Deus é maior que qualquer preconceito"

Nun visits lesbian bar: “God’s love is greater than any prejudice”

"I use the word of God and the passage 'Love your neighbor as yourself'."

Israel Cassol launches e-book in Brazil about men who wear a skirt

Brazilian artist Israel Cassol lives in London and will be in São Paulo next week to promote his new project

Ex-Prison Break star is dating Brothers and Sisters actor, says tabloid

Wentworth Miller has never been seen with a boyfriend since he came out; The Sun says Canadian actor Luke Macfarlane is chosen
Italian Fluffer - O Italiano que faz sucesso no OnlyFans protagonizando vídeos eróticos amadores

Italian Fluffer – The Italian who is a hit on OnlyFans by starring in...

Simone Lustrati is the Italian Fluffer, without minding criticisms, he does what he likes and in front of cameras, to anyone who wants to watch it
Pesquisa aponta que 99% dos estudantes LGBTQIA+ sofrem homofobia ou transfobia ainda hoje

Research shows that LGBTQIA+ students between 13 and 21 years old had experienced homophobia...

Homophobic bullying is still very common, despite many social advancements
Estúdio pornô gay Bel Ami contrata primeiro modelo negro após 27 anos

The gay porn studio Bel Ami has hired its first black model after 27...

Kedar Marchetti is considered a "small revolution in a white-only environment"
SCRUFF entra no universo de vídeos divertidos no TikTok

SCRUFF joins the TikTok world of fun videos

SCRUFF bets on the Chinese social media to celebrate the diversity of ethnicities, body types, ages and personalities using videos