It is false that Scruff and Grindr will be banned from the iPhone

Apple's updated guidelines have many Scruff and Grindr users concerned, but the issue has been clarified by a company representative.
SEGA se posiciona contra o consevradorismo em Tóquio e patrocina parada LGBT+

SEGA takes a stand against conservatism in Tokyo and sponsors LGBT+ Parade

Japan is the only G7 country that still does not recognize same-sex marriage
Mods de Resident Evil colocam Leon, Carlos e Nemesis em nu frontal; aprecie

Resident Evil mods put Leon, Carlos and Nemesis in front nude

Mods impress with realism
Novo Capitão América é gay

New Captain America is gay

The character was conceived by screenwriter Joshua Trujillo and the drawing was responsible for the trans artist Jan Bazaldua.

Sexual content starts to gain strength in LGBT+ games

Journalist from the American magazine “Wired” discusses the strength of the sexual thematic in games for the LGBTQIA + public

Alan Scott resurfaces gay in classic version of Green Lantern

Hero appears in Infinite Frontier number 0, written by James Tynion IV, where he tells his twin sons that he is gay

New Harry Potter game will allow the player to create trans witches and wizards

Development team has been pushing for this transinclusive character creation after JK Rowling's transphobic comments
Algoritmos de pesquisa da Google associam "doenças mentais" a bandeiras LGBTs

Google’s search algorithms associate “mental illness” with LGBT flags.

The company has already been notified in other times to correct the operation of the algorithms. Google has not yet officially commented on this case
influencers trans

Youtube Brasil indicates 5 trans influencers that stand out on the platform

On this Trans Visibility Day, Youtube Brasil selected some trans youtubers who share their daily lives and experiences

Orkut social network was founded 17 years ago by gay engineer

The social network was named after the creator of the platform, the Turkish Orkut Buyukkokten, who is currently CEO of and a columnist for GAY BLOG BR.

Kid Quick, DC Comics’ new non-binary superhero, to debut in Christmas story

The new character from the alternate universe is essentially a younger, more fluid genre version of Flash

Call of Duty game introduces non-binary genre; conservatives react

Call of Duty has the option to define the character's gender as male, female, non-binary or "confidential"
SCRUFF entra no universo de vídeos divertidos no TikTok

SCRUFF joins the TikTok world of fun videos

SCRUFF bets on the Chinese social media to celebrate the diversity of ethnicities, body types, ages and personalities using videos
World of Warcraft: expansão Shadowlands será mais inclusiva com personagens LGBTQIA+

World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion will become more inclusive with LGBTQIA+ characters

Gay romance, hero's gender change, trans characters and more

Sailor Moon is a pioneer in LGBT representation for younger audiences

A worldwide hit, Sailor Moon already showed LGBT representation before this term got popular.

In search of the perfect match | SCRUFF

With SCRUFF Match, the goal is to introduce people who have high affinities and who would probably go unnoticed when opening the feed grid

How to become a SCRUFF Venture ambassador

The ambassador Andre de Mello tells us a little about SCRUFF Venture and shows some of his favorite places from his hometown: Rio de Janeiro

SCRUFF launches a 6.0 version of its app; check out what has changed! 🐾

Are you still committed to being gay after the LGBT Pride month? SCRUFF is too! The app announces its new version new features