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Players of the latest title in the Call of Duty franchise now have the option to identify their character as non-binary, and some cis players are outraged, according to the LGBTQ Nation website.

The latest game in the Cold War era shooting series is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, released earlier this month. The game allows the player to personalize their characters by choosing their name, hometown, background story and skin color. And you have the option to define the character’s gender as male, female, non-binary or “confidential”.

“I don’t think there were‘ non-binary ’people in the 1980s, Call of Duty”, wrote Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter, incorrectly suggesting that non-binary people recently started to exist. In reality, people who do not identify themselves as men or women have existed in many cultures and throughout history, often with different names specific to their cultures, the website argues.

The Call of Duty franchise has faced criticism in the past when it comes to gender. Originally, players could only have male characters.


“Confidential” gender option

Earlier this year, game developers announced that they would be adding the “classified” gender option, in addition to male and female. “Confidential” was originally designed to be a substitute for non-binary people and choosing “confidential” would cause the computer to refer to the character with the pronouns “them”.

Dan Vondrak of Raven Software explained the “confidential” gender option in an August interview: “We didn’t want to exclude anyone” from the character creation process.

“The option of leaving [outros campos] confidential was super important. There are so many origins that we could have, so many birth places that we could have listed in the game. I said, ‘Hey, if we don’t have something someone wants, keep it confidential, and they can be that special dark and mysterious Black Ops character they want to be’ ”, he said.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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