Spice girl reveals that terrorist planned to kill her in prizes for being friends...

The brave Geri Halliwell continued to perform in a memorable way at the Earls Court Exhibition Center, singing "Bag It Up"

Listen to “Matches”, a partnership of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys that just released

"Matches" comes as part of a deluxe reissue of Britney's 2016 album, "Glory"
Daniel Peixoto lança releitura de "Freed From Desire", de Gala

Daniel Peixoto releases a re-recording of “Freed From Desire”, by Gala

"I decided to re-record this track after reading an interview given by Gala to Gay Blog Br, in which she described the pains and joys of being an artist", says Daniel Peixoto

Was Chopin gay? Journalist examines the composer’s sexuality revealed in letters to men

Historians who have studied Chopin have obscured or at least ignored the fact that he was probably a homosexual
Britney Spears não vai se apresentar enquanto sua tutela estiver com seu pai

Britney Spears will not perform while her guardianship is with her father

"My client informed me that she is afraid of her father. She will not perform again while her father is in charge of her career," said Britney's lawyer Sam Ingham.
bemti daniel ribeiro

Daniel Ribeiro directs Bemti’s new work; clip was shown at the NYC Museum of...

The purpose of the video is to dive deeply into the universe of lyrics about building expectations, bonds and ruptures that come with the use of relationship apps.
Além de "Gimme More", a cantora apresentou "I Got So High That I Saw Jesus" ao lado de Noah Cyrus e "Midnight Sky", seu single mais recente e atual música de trabalho

Miley Cyrus performs “Gimme More”, by Britney Spears

Besides "Gimme More", the singer also performed "I Got So High That I Saw Jesus" with Noah Cyrus and "Midnight Sky", her latest single and current title track

Rohmanelli releases the album “Brazil’ejru”; the video of the song “Não Me Ligue Mais”...

The singer-songwriter's new work is being released today on digital platforms

Rohmanelli, the singer who questions sexual, romantic, political and religious standards through music

The Italian artist, settled in Brazil, reinvented himself with the release of the single "Macho Discreto" and its video
Dave Grohl, RuPaul segurando a filha de Kurt (Frances) e Cobain Reprodução

RuPaul and Kurt Cobain were great friends: “Nirvana didn’t treat me as a joke”

"These kids [do Nirvana] come from the same irreverent, hippie and bohemian mentality that I came from. So of course they're going to gravitate toward what I'm doing"
Miley Cyrus performa "Heart of Glass", de Debbie Harry

Miley Cyrus performed “Heart of Glass”, by Debbie Harry

On Twitter, the "Blondie" singer said that Cyrus "nailed" the performance and shared its link

Katy Perry releases 2 new video-clips with LGBTQIA+ theme; watch them

"Cry About It Later" and "Tucked" are the brand new Katy Perry's videos.

Bruno Gadiol releases his first EP with reflexive and melancholic pop

"I've fallen in love with a guy that had an open relationship", says Bruno about the inspiration for the title track
matriarchyrecords gala

Interview: Gala, the most iconic singer of the 90’s dance floor

In an exclusive interview to the GAY BLOG BR, Gala Rizzatto talks about her trajectory and the desire to sing in a LGBT Parade in Brazil

Youtube’s algorithm made me a Renato Enoch fan

Melancholic and intense, the singer Renato Enoch fills his Youtube channel up with covers of hit and classic songs that deserve attention.