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The English band Culture Club (karma, karma, karma chameleon …) announced a live show on the internet for the 22nd of November. Tickets go on sale next Friday (30) on Ticketmaster‘s international website.

The event, entitled Rainbow in The Dark: A Global Stream, will be broadcast directly from the stage of The Royal Albert Hall in London, reports the website Terra.

“It’s time to find a rainbow in the dark!” , said lead singer Boy George of the event. “Everyone is looking for new ways to connect and music is our satellite. Living in such challenging times, we hope to bring optimism and hope through our music “.

For those who don’t know

Created in 1981, Culture Club put several hits to play in the walk-man from all over the world in that decade, like “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”, “Love Is Love”, “Time (Clock of the Heart)”, “Church of the Poison Mind”, “Karma Chameleon”.

Lead singer Boy George influenced a generation with his androgynous style. The group’s ”New Romantic” footprint sold 150 million copies and won several awards, in addition to appearing on the Billboard magazine charts for a long time.

Unfortunately, the band suffered its first interruption in 1986. According to the press, conflicts between the musicians and Boy George’s drug addiction were the reasons for the dissolution. Boy George was arrested for drug possession, and keyboardist Michael Rudetsky was found dead from a heroin overdose at the singer’s home.

Members returned to the scene in 1998, releasing two live DVDs.

The band was originally composed of Boy George (lead singer), Roy Hay (electric guitar and keyboards), Mikey Craig (bass) and Jon Moss (drums and percussion). “Time (Clock of the Heart)” is included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s List of 500 songs that shaped rock and roll.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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