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Last Saturday night (26), Miley Cyrus took the stage at Lollapalooza 2022 and sang “Boys Don’t Cry” with Anitta. The American star celebrated on her social networks the partnership with the Brazilian singer during her presentation at the festival. In a post on Instagram, the singer thanked the carioca and said she was “happy” for her and her “mega success”.

Miley Cyrus and Anitta at Lollapalooza (Photo: Reproduction)

I love you so much, Anitta! Thank you for coming out during my Lollapalooza set! I am so happy for you and your mega success! You deserve it! You work so damn hard and are the absolute KINDEST! You showed me such a good time in Brazil! Friends for life! Like all BFFs do we coordinated our looks!” wrote Miley, along with videos from the show.

On the stage of Lollapalooza, Miley and Anitta sang with sunglasses and productions signed by Gucci. As they sang “Boys Don’t Cry,”the artists exchanged butt pats. The American did not spare the praise: “Anitta is that kind of friend that if I call just to talk, stay in my room and talk about boys, she will go. But if I ask for a really crazy party, she will throw me that party. And if I ask her to come to Lollapalooza to sing, she does“.

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The friendship between the artists began in 2020 and, since then, Anitta has been praised by Miley a few times in public. In April 2020, the Brazilian singer participated in the “Bright Minded“, a program created by the American and broadcast on her social networks. The friendship between Miley and Anitta became even clearer when the carioca was called to the stage by the hostess of the party. “I brought my girl Anitta”, she announced.

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