Novo personagem de Rainbow Six é gay e tem marido, diz empresa criadora do game

New Rainbow Six character is gay and has a husband, says game creator

The novelty generated controversy within the gamer environment
Sydney inaugura via permanente com cores da bandeira LGBT+

Sydney opens permanent road with colors of the LGBT+ flag

"This is a permanent tribute to the moment when more than 30,000 Sydney residents gathered in 2017 to hear the results of the survey on equal marriage", said the mayor.
Phillip Lahm - Reprodução

Philipp Lahm thinks soccer players shouldn’t come out of the closet when top

"There is still a lack of acceptance in the world of soccer and in society in general", believes the ex-player
Jogadores alemães se manifestam em prol de colegas gays

German players speak out for gay colleagues

"The fear of being attacked, excluded or having their career damaged is still so great that gay players still believe they need to hide sexuality"
Presidente da Argentina cria Conselho para combater feminicídios e transfobia

Argentine President creates Council to fight femicides and transphobia

Recently, two cases of femicide had great repercussions in Argentina
Reino Unido devolverá medalhas a militares expulsos do exército por serem LGBTs

UK will return medals to military men expelled from the army for being LGBT

The Defense Ministry said dismissals and convictions are "historic mistakes"
Luto: 4 anos do brutal assassinato da travesti Dandara

Mourning: 4 years of the brutal murder of transvestite Dandara

ANTRA published in full the documentary "Dandara", made by journalists Flávia Ayer and Fred Bottrel
Invasores do Capitólio afirmam que vacina contra covid faz as pessoas virarem gays

Capitol invaders say covid vaccine makes people gay

A member of the Capitol said he "has friends who are gay"
Criança inspira pai a criar biquínis e maiôs para pessoas trans

Child inspires father to create bikinis and swimsuits for trans people

Canadian company creates clothing for trans children
Homossexualidade deixa de ser crime em Angola

Homosexuality is no longer a crime in Angola

The changes were approved in January 2019 after 155 lawmakers updated the penal code
Argentina estabelece 1% das vagas no setor público para pessoas trans

Argentina establishes 1% of public sector vacancies for trans people

Registration can be done on the official website of the Argentine government, where the jobs are listed.
David Kopay, o primeiro jogador de futebol americano a "sair do armário"

David Kopay, the first football player to “come out of the closet”

To this day, it is very rare to see professional football players coming out of the closet
Lucas beija Gilberto, se declara bissexual, é acusado de se apropriar da causa LGBT e desiste do BBB 21

In Big Brother, Brazilian declares himself bisexual, is accused of appropriating the LGBT cause...

After the announcement, some confined people celebrated the decision, justifying having verbally disagreed with Lucas in the first week of the program
recebeu apelidos como "Osmar Trevas", "Osmar Terra Plana", "Osmar Erra" e "Osmar Enterra"

Osmar Terra (MDB) becomes defendant for suspending public notice with funding for LGBTQIA+ themed...

The four works attacked by Bolsonaro ("Afronte", "Transversal", "Religare Queer" and "Reverse Sex") that had been previously selected were no longer on the list of accepted projects
harry styles gay

Harry Styles to play the role of gay cop in Amazon feature film

The story revolves around Patrick and Tom, two gay men who related in a time when homosexuality was a crime
Ministro da Educação e Roberto Jefferson são processados por homofobia pela Justiça de SP

Minister of Education and Roberto Jefferson are sued for homophobia by the SP Justice...

The punitive administrative processes were published in the Official Gazette this Thursday, 04
Umbanda celebra casamento gay em Cuiabá

Umbanda celebrates gay marriage in Cuiabá

The marriage took place after six years of relationship
Casos de IST pararam de aumentar entre usuários de PrEP, segundo estudo

Gonorrhea and chlamydia cases stopped growing with PrEP use, says study

Before the study, the percentage of participants with positive results for syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia was 50% and had been growing about 8% each quarter
dj chateada

Bolsonarist DJ is upset by Biden’s nominations: “He wants to be hostess (sic) of...

According to the former employee of João Doria, Biden dictated "heterophobia" as a trend for 2021

Big Brother Portugal expels participant after saluting Nazi

Hélder Teixeira participated in the Double Impact edition when he delivered sexist, homophobic injuries and Nazi salutations

For the 13th consecutive year, Brazil is the country that kills the most trans...

Dossier points to necro-Trans-politics, the death of trans people, as a naturalized action plan in Brazil
Morre Ygona Moura em decorrência do Covid-19

Ygona Moura dies of complications from Covid-19

She entered the Twitter trending topics when she was hospitalized with covid-19 after she neglected the disease and went to crowded parties
Dois homens que aplicavam golpe "Boa Noite, Cinderela" são presos no Rio de Janeiro

Scammers who doped gays with “Good Night, Cinderela” are arrested in Rio de Janeiro

João Marcos Batista de Matos (28) and Matheus Gidioney Tavares (27) were recognized by a victim

Ben Affleck asks about Sacha Baron Cohen’s penis size

"I realized in the past, when you tried to hide your penis, it was 35 centimeters", he said to Sacha
Promotor pede prisão de vigilante que não evitou um ataque homofóbico

Prosecutor calls for arrest of vigilante who did not prevent homophobic attack

In addition to punishing the aggressor, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Barcelona ordered the arrest and disqualification of the security agent
Suruba gay acaba em ciúmes e "chuva de dinheiro" em Salvador

Gay orgy ends in jealousy and “money rain” in Salvador

"He took the bag that was with his companion and went to the balcony and started to throw all the money from the balcony"

Europe’s largest anti-smoking mural is dedicated to Italy’s drag queen activist

"Outside In" is an ode to love and at the same time an urban regeneration; the idea is to transform empty walls into works of art accessible to everyone
Reino Unido elege Pabllo Vittar como uma das cinco maiores inovações do mundo

Pabllo Vittar is honored as one of the five biggest innovations in the world...

Her presentation was in 2019 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 93 years
Mãe sobre filho estar no OnlyFans diz: “Eu que fiz esse neca, quero minha porcentagem

Mother about son being on OnlyFans: “I made this neca, I want my percentage”

They say that with the money from selling nudes on OnlyFans they managed to buy a big television
Brasil imuniza primeira mulher trans contra covid-19

Brazil immunizes first trans woman against covid-19

She lives in Embu das Artes, in the greater São Paulo, and is responsible for awareness and combat programs against STI / IDS in her municipality.