Actor Ronen Rubinstein declares himself bisexual

Currently, the actor of "9-1-1: Lone Star" is dating also actress Jessica Parker Kennedy, and, according to him, she was the one who encouraged him to "come out"

Mexican inmates open an account at OnlyFans

Inmates at one of the Social Reintegration Centers charge a monthly subscription fee of R$ 34 (100 pesos)

Protester is startled to discover that Rihanna was talking in protest

When she went on Instagram, he thought she was kidding

Mexican city opens LGBTQIA+ police station

It is located in the Mexican city of Mepetec
Fãs pedem que Diego Sans faça filme com o enfermeiro que o vacinou contra covid

Fans ask Diego Sans to make a film with the nurse who vaccinated him...

It didn't take long for fans to use their imaginations and wish Nurse Ethan to record scenes as shown in the films 1, 2 and 3, by

Players lower their shorts during a free kick to distract goalkeeper

The tactic did not have much effect
Primeiro time gay de rúgbi ganha documentário exclusivo no Amazon Prime

First gay rugby team wins exclusive documentary on Amazon Prime

The documentary will focus on 3 central figures of the "King Cross Steelers" team

Ex-‘NSync plans to build the biggest gay ballad in the United States

He rented the Rage Nightclub located in West Hollywood
Alan Turing, gay e pai da computação, é o novo rosto das cédulas de 50 libras

Alan Turing, gay and father of computing, is the new face of 50 pound...

Alan Turing was chemically castrated for "gross indecency" for his relationship with Arnold Murray
Papa nomeia ativista LGBT abusado por padre para comissão antipedofilia

Pope appoints LGBT activist abused by priest to anti-pedophile commission

His first accusations were discredited by the Catholic Church
hotboys hot boys

To encourage social isolation, producer HotBoys makes 60 films available for free

The producer Rio boss HotBoys took further action against the coronavirus in Brazil than the government Bolsonaro
"O processo vai continuar, tudo bem, eu já fui absolvido de todos os processos fora de Curitiba, mas nós vamos continuar brigando para que o Moro seja considerado suspeito, porque ele não tem o direito de se transformar no maior mentiroso da história do Brasil e ser considerado herói por aqueles que queriam me culpar. Deus de barro não dura muito tempo."

It is false that Pabllo Vittar will be vice president of Lula in 2022

2018 fake news has been circulating since Lula became eligible on March 8
Roberta Miranda se solidariza com Britney Spears

Roberta Miranda sympathizes with Britney Spears

The singer on Twitter that "fans are everything in an artist's life"
Ministro do STF autoriza detentas trans a escolher onde cumprir pena

STF Minister authorizes trans detainees to choose where to serve their sentence

If they choose the male prison system, transgender people will have a reserved area
Toninho Cerezo diz que foi demitido por ser pai de mulher trans

Toninho Cerezo says he was fired for being the father of trans model Lea...

Lea T said she was afraid that her gender transition would disrupt her father's career
Felipe Neto cria frente de advogados para defender gratuitamente todos que criticarem Bolsonaro

Felipe Neto creates front of lawyers to defend those who criticize Bolsonaro free of...

"We cannot be silent. We cannot let them be silenced and we will not", says Felipe Neto.
Joe Biden posta vídeo com beijo gay em seu Instagram

Joe Biden posts video with gay kiss on his Instagram

The video is a motivational message to overcome COVID-19
Novo Capitão América é gay

New Captain America is gay

The character was conceived by screenwriter Joshua Trujillo and the drawing was responsible for the trans artist Jan Bazaldua.
Atriz de "Jesus travesti" ganha bolsa internacional por iniciativa cultural

“Jesus transvestite” actress wins international scholarship for cultural initiative

She earned the equivalent of R$ 36 thousand
Igreja Católica diz que não pode abençoar casais gays

Catholic Church says it cannot bless gay couples

"God cannot bless sin"
Placa em homenagem a Marielle Franco é inaugurada no Centro do Rio

Plaque in honor of Marielle Franco is inaugurated in downtown Rio

The plate is identical to the one used to identify roads and squares in the capital of Rio de Janeiro
União Europeia passa a ser uma "área de liberdade para os LGBTs"

European Union becomes an “area of freedom for LGBTs people”

"This resolution is an impact message for the governments of the European Union" - says the author of the text.
Político transfóbico é flagrado vendo pornografia trans nos EUA

Transphobic senator spotted watching trans porn in the U.S.A.

Tom Whatley liked a trans pornographic video
Projeto de lei para casamento gay na Sérvia é apresentado

Bill for gay marriage in Serbia is presented

Over there, almost 60% of LGBTQIA+ report suffering physical or mental violence
"Irmãos Dotados" passará a legendar os filmes para deficientes auditivos

Gay porn producer starts offering subtitled films for people with hearing impairments

"Producer Irmãos Dotados is the first to include Portuguese subtitles as a form of social inclusion for VIP members who consume our content".
Mulheres no Twitter buscam interagir sobre gênero, raça e orientação sexual

Women on Twitter seek to interact on gender, race and sexual orientation

Preserving the environment and motherhood are other themes that bring women together in conversations on the platform
Polícia investiga Neymar por homofobia após ameaças ao ex-padrasto Tiago Ramos

Neymar is booked as investigated after LGBT phobia with ex-stepfather Tiago Ramos

In 2020, Neymar told his “brothers” that ex-stepfather is a “little fag” and “fucking di** in the as*”, to which the interlocutors suggested that the player should “put a broomstick in Ramos ** to punish you ”
Companhia aérea Virgin realiza o primeiro "Voo do Orgulho"

Virgin airline performs the first “Flight of Pride” in Australian territory

There were 120 LGBTQIA+ passengers or allies of the cause who traveled from Brisbane to Sydney