Sargento gay consegue licença-paternidade de 180 dias após acionar Justiça

Brazilian gay sergeant secures a 180-day paternity leave after taking legal action

The Military Police Sergeant Valdi Barbosa, 40 years old, obtained a 180-day paternity leave through a legal action

According to a study by Fatal Model, 28% of male sex workers in Brazil...

The study published by Fatal Model also points out that the biggest challenge for Brazilian sex workers is finding time to spend with their families
Guardas são presos suspeitos de obrigar rapazes a fazerem oral entre si durante abordagem

Guards arrested, suspected of forcing young men to perform oral sex on each other...

The young people were performing motorcycle stunts in Itapecerica da Serra, in Greater São Paulo, when the civil guards arrived after receiving an anonymous tip
STF forma maioria para reconhecer ofensa contra LGBTQIA+ como injúria racial

Brazilian Supreme Federal Court forms a majority to recognize offenses against LGBTQIA+ individuals as...

By equating individual offenses with the crime of racial defamation, the decision will allow discrimination against members of the LGBTQIA+ community to be subject to more stringent penalties
Fãs tentam convencer clube árabe a não contrata Neymar dizendo que ele é gay

Fans of Neymar are claiming that the player is gay in order to prevent...

Neymar's fans are alleging that the player is gay in an attempt to prevent an Arab club from signing him. Saudi Arabia is known for having legal and social restrictions against LGBTQIA+ individuals

Gabeu is nominated for a Latin Grammy Awards in the category “Best Country Album”

Predecessor of Queernejo, Gabeu competes with the album "AGROPOC" to the Latin Grammy Awards; the list of nominees was revealed on Tuesday (20)

Anitta refutes fake news about HIV and takes a stand against HIV-related discrimination

"Having HIV is not an insult," Anitta wrote on her Twitter after a series of fake news claimed that the artist lives with HIV
Ex-ministro de Bolsonaro que disse que gays são de famílias desajustadas é preso por corrupção

Former Bolsonaro minister who said gays are from misfit families is arrested on suspicion...

Previously, Jair Bolsonaro even declared that he could "put his face on the fire" for Ribeiro
  9 eventos pelos EUA para comemorar o mês do Orgulho LGBTQ+

9 Events Across the US to Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month

From Stonewall in New York to the Rainbow Parade in Los Angeles, LGBTQ+ Pride Day is packed with parties and protests for the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ+ people around the world.
Fotógrafo de nu masculino enfrenta censura do Instagram

Male nude photographer faces censorship on Instagram

Since the beginning of the "Foto de Homem" project, photographer and journalist Eberson Theodoro has had his professional account banned from the social network three times.

Scheduled for June, SP LGBT Pride Parade announces 2022 edition theme

The live that announced the theme of the São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade took place last Tuesday (5)

Opening propaganda of the 29th MixBrasil Festival is selected for international awards

With the creation of Isobar Brasil and direction of Luiz Evandro and Fabio Acorsi, the opening propaganda was selected for the Annecy International Film Festival in France

Anitta makes a special appearance in Miley Cyrus’ show at Lollapalooza 2022

Last Saturday night (26), Miley Cyrus took the stage at Lollapalooza and sang “Boys Don’t Cry” with Anitta

Bolsonaro’s party notifies the TSE against Lollapalooza after Pabllo Vittar manifests himself pro-Lula

During the show held this Friday, Pabllo made the audience scream "Fora Bolsonaro" (Out Bolsonaro) and raised a flag with Lula's face
Pabllo Vittar faz campanha para Lula durante show no Lollapalooza e grita "Fora, Bolsonaro"

Pabllo Vittar raises a flag with a photo of Lula and leads the chorus...

The singer also made an "L" with her hand at other moments of the show to make reference to the pre-candidate for the presidency

Economist creates “Rich Bixa Method” to empower LGBTQIA+ with financial education

From Sombrio, Santa Catarina, gay economist Gean Duarte left extreme poverty and today teaches a course on financial education

Focusing on queer production from Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean, 3rd RISCO Festival...

The 3rd RISCO Festival takes place from March 31 to April 3 at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade, Studio SP, Parque Augusta, Galeria540 and Cervejaria Tarantino, in addition to online programming
Professor é demitido de escola após dizer que LGBTs têm "DNA de Satanás"

Teacher gets fired from school after saying LGBTs have “Satan DNA”

In his defense, Robert Headley said he is being persecuted for his religious convictions

Israel now allows gay couples to hire surrogate bellies

Prior to the Israeli Supreme Court decision, only heterosexual couples and single women could resort to assisted reproduction technique
Eduardo Leite diz que ficou com outro homem pela primeira vez aos 25 anos: "Não me aceitava"

Eduardo Leite says he was with another man for the first time when he...

Leite said he had an upbringing in which he was taught that homosexuality was wrong.

Anitta will attend a New Year’s party hosted by Miley Cyrus

Anitta will be featured on NBC's New Year's Eve live, hosted by Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson, on December 31st.

92% of Brazilians living with HIV are undetectable

The survey was released by the Ministry of Health. Anyone who is undetectable does not transmit HIV.
Padre que usava o dízimo para bancar orgias e drogas é condenado a 3 anos de prisão

Priest who used the tithe to fund orgies and drugs is sentenced to 3...

Francesco Spagnesi would have spent the equivalent of R$1 million and 200,000 on surubas, cocaine and GHB, known as the "rape drug"
Tradicional calendário com ruivos "Red Hot" traz 3 versões para 2022 com modelos em nu frontal

Traditional calendar with reds “Red Hot” brings 3 versions for 2022 with front nude

The annual project aims to reframe the sensuality of red-haired men

Brazilian drag who participates in reality series produced by RuPaul talks about backstage

Grag Queen from Rio Grande do Sul is one of the 14 competitors of the "Queen of The Universe" that debuts this Thursday (9), exclusively on Paramount+
Chile legaliza casamento gay e adoção de filhos por casais homoafetivos

Chile legalizes gay marriage and adoption of children by same-sex couples

The text was approved in the Senate with 21 photos in favor, 8 against and 3 abstentions, and also passed through the Chamber, which ratified the changes made in the Higher Chamber
Botsuana descriminaliza a homossexualidade definitivamente

Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality definitively

There had already been a decriminalization in 2019, but the conservative wing filed an appeal trying to reverse the situation
Primeiro hotel LGBT de Cuba reabre em praia paradisíaca

Cuba’s first LGBT hotel reopens on paradise beach

The "Gran Muthu Rainbow Hotel" had opened in December 2019, but "closed its doors" due to the pandemic

Ipanema competes for the title of best gay beach in the world

Ipanema disputes the title with beaches in Mexico, Spain, Greece and the United States. Voting runs until December 15th
Primeira trans advogada do Brasil é homenageada pelo Google

Janaína Dutra, the first trans lawyer in Brazil, is honored by Google

The lawyer became nationally known for her activism and for winning the portfolio of the Brazilian Bar Association
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