Personalidades e ativistas LGBTQIA+ de Curaçao

LGBTQIA+ personalities and activists from Curaçao

Find out which personalities, influencers and activists make Curaçao the most LGBT+ friendly Caribbean destination: "Bon biní na Kòrsou!"
Havaianas anuncia novidades na linha global Pride

Havaianas announces news in the global Pride line

The Havaianas brand announces new prints for the Global Pride line, continuing with the commitment to allocate 7% of the amount collected to the NGO All Out
Stylist Rica Benozatti esclarece e opina sobre cinco assuntos, entre eles pochete e sapatênis

Stylist Rica Benozzati clarifies and opines on five subjects, among them belly bags and...

Consultant of personalities such as Dani Calabresa and Marco Pigossi, Rica Benozzati clarifies some doubts of readers about style
André Almada lança "Bumbum Care", creme hidratante vegano para nádegas

André Almada releases “Butt Care”, vegan moisturizing cream for buttocks

For butt skincare, the entrepreneur brings a deo-moisturizer to be used twice a day

Couples in intimate encounters illustrate French stylist’s collection campaign

Simon Porte Jacquemus, a 31-year-old gay designer, is a confessive, romantic and shameless lover of love, says website
A barbearia criada com foco no público LGBTQI+ também atende, sem preconceitos, pessoas heterossexuais

After noticing homophobic situations in barbershops, the couple creates “Barbieshop”

The barbershop created with a focus on the LGBTQI+ public also serves, without prejudice, heterosexual people
Collab de Adidas com Ivy Park, marca sportwear de Beyoncé, disponível no Brasil a partir desta sexta

Adidas collab with Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s sportwear brand, is now available in Brazil starting...

For the release, the collective BATEKOO produced a special rehearsal to bring a Brazilian reinterpretation to the looks of the "Icy Park" collection

Paul Mason, the daddy who became gay men’s most desired Santa Claus

Fashion Santa always goes viral during this time of year with his natural white beard and hair, really handsome. His outfit includes tight well-cut red suits.
Saiba onde comprar dildos moldados a partir dos genitais de atores famosos

Find out where to buy dildos molded from the genitals of famous actors

This week, "SCRUFF Answers" clarifies a reader's doubts about consolations. To send a question to the column, write to
Para poupar os filhos de bullying, Léo Áquilla conta que nunca foi buscá-los no colégio

To save his children from bullying, Léo Áquilla says he never went to pick...

"I instructed them not to tell anyone that they were my children, and they never said"

Barriers between men’s and women’s clothing are “disintegrating”, says Styles, dressed, at Vogue

For the cover of Vogue, Harry Styles wore a Gucci dress and became the first man to appear alone in the magazine

Israel Cassol launches e-book in Brazil about men who wear a skirt

Brazilian artist Israel Cassol lives in London and will be in São Paulo next week to promote his new project

Meet “homiesexuals”, the new guideline that consists of pretending to be gay on TikTok

They are heterosexual young people from the United Kingdom, aged 17 and 18, who find themselves - in broderage - to audiences of millions of people

Sam Smith says he came to terms with his gender with help from Gaga...

Sam Smith was 15 years old when 'The Fame' was released; Gaga gave him full permission to be himself, says the star