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The Biriguiense André Almada, founder of the group The Week, is not only concerned with events: one of his goals now is to take care of the butt of all Brazilians. Through BeBrazil, a well-being and health company, the entrepreneur introduced influencers and journalists the deo-moisturizing lotion “Butt Care”.

“We know how important is the relationship between love and daily care for our body”, reinforces Almada through a statement.

butt care
Butt Care – Reproduction

Vegan, the product is already on sale in its 200 ml version and aims to ensure hydration, uniform tone, elasticity, lifting effect, silky touch and skin smoothing. Another characteristic promised by the cream is quick absorption, allowing clothes to be used right after use, offering a non-greasy sensation and easy fixation.

For the composition of the formula, the bet is high hydrating power of shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa and the fragrance of the deo-moisturizer comes with vanilla essence with peppermint. To give the “lifting” effect, the company counts on using the natural polysaccharide nanotechnological tensing agent called Pullulan, which aims to promote an immediate effect. Suggested to use twice a day, “Butt Care” also has in its formula some antioxidants, such as grapefruit and lime extracts.

André Almada releases
André Almada releases “Butt Care”, vegan moisturizing cream for buttocks

On the website, the product features eight reviews, among them: “Shocked, it’s wonderful! It arrived today, it has a wonderful glitter, an irresistible smell”, “I passed right after the shower, it was the best feeling of the day, the smell is very good it really makes you want to eat kkk “, “I never thought of buying a glitter cream, but I loved the one! It was a funny surprise! “.

It is possible to buy the product through the BeBrazil website for R$ 149,99.

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