Gala fala sobre novo single, relacionamentos e desafios de ser cantora independente

Gala talks about new single, relationships and challenges of being an independent singer

By email, Gala spoke exclusively to GAY BLOG BR and spoke about the new work, entitled "Parallel Lines"
Marcos Goiano estreia carreira na moda como modelo fotográfico

Marcos Goiano starts his career as fashion model

In an exclusive interview with GAY BLOG BR, the model, entrepreneur and content producer tells why he stopped being an escort boy and how he got into the new profession.
Barbeiro naturista cria negócio inusitado, aliando estética e nudez

Ex-accountant is successful as a naturist barber: “It’s not just gays that I attend”

Carioca Danyel Nacymento says that his business has been successful and intends to expand post-pandemic

“People have been killing me since the 80s because I embraced the HIV cause”,...

Lorna Washington, veteran cross-dresser icon of the gay night in Rio, talks about activism, gay night, the peak of HIV in Brazil and the politically correct
ana fadigas

Ana Fadigas, founder of G Magazine, remembers stories and achievements

Creator of “G Magazine”, Ana Fadigas showed frontal nudity of the most coveted and famous men in the country for years

Hugo Bonemer:“I wish I could tell LGBT stories from a more trivial point of...

With 42% of the popular vote, actor Hugo Bonemer took the 2020 Poc Awards trophy in the category “The Bosh of the Year”
Marcelo Bechler

“Each club must have 1 or 2 gay players and no one comes out...

By popular vote, journalist Marcelo Bechler was elected in the “Non-Toxic Straight of the Year” category at the 2020 Poc Awards.

“Jair Bolsonaro buys his support base with positions and amendments”, emphasizes Sâmia Bomfim.

By popular vote, the law against LGBT phobia in São Paulo, authored by Sâmia e Reis, won in the category “Women who fights” at the 2020 Poc Awards.
Guilherme Terreri, que dá vida à Rita Von Hunty, fala sobre futuro, vida pessoal e, claro, política

Guilherme Terreri, who gives life to Rita Von Hunty, talks about personal life, future...

By popular vote, drag Rita Von Hunty was elected as "Spokesperson for the community" at the Poc Awards 2020.

Gabriel Castro talks about the success of “O Pão Que o Viado Amassou”

"O Pão Que O Viado Amassou" won the Poc Awards 2020 trophy, by popular vote, in the category focused on entrepreneurship.
bruno branquinho

Bruno Branquinho: “Public policies on mental health in Brazil are insufficient”

Nominated for the Poc Awards 2020 in the "Gay's Anatomy" category, Branquinho received 33% of the public's votes and took the trophy that he disputed with five more professionals.

Silvero Pereira:”If the market doesn’t understand that I can go beyond my identity, then...

The actor, author and director Silvero Pereira won, by popular vote, the trophy Poc Awards 2020 in the category "Personality of the Year".
Vencedor do PocAwards 2020, Gabeu fala sobre arte e sexualidade

“No conscious discourse on minorities has entered the sertanejo yet”, says Gabeu.

Winner of the 2020 Poc Awards by popular vote in the "Brazilian Poc Musician" category, Gabeu talked to GAY BLOG BR about being a poc, pressure to be the son of Solimões and, of course, music.
"Fama nunca foi o meu foco", diz Vittor Fernando, o mais famoso influencer da atualidade

Tiktoker Vittor Fernando, on sudden fame:”The penny is dropping.”

Nominated in the "Icon of the Year" category at the Poc Awards 2020 with five other names, the influencer took the trophy with 35% of the public's votes.

“It is necessary to deconstruct some issues of fetishes”, says PWD about the LGBT+...

In an interview with GAY BLOG BR, Sidinei Júnior tells about childhood, activism and plans
Em entrevista exclusiva para o GAY BLOG BR, André Fischer relembra dificuldades da produção de conteúdo nos anos 90 e avalia a militância atual

André Fischer recalls difficulties in the production of content in the 90s and assesses...

In an exclusive interview with GAY BLOG BR, the founder of the MixBrasil Festival cites favorite works that went through the event and talks about his next project
Bruno Sodré: Da lavanderia de casa para um salão de beleza de alto padrão no Morumbi

Bruno Sodré: from home laundry to a high-end beauty salon in Morumbi

Bruno Sodré is his own story of overcoming: he grew up in Capão Redondo and today he owns a renowned beauty salon that bears his name

Marcos Goiano talks about not being from the state of Goiás, as well as...

In an interview to GAY BLOG, the porn actor and escort Marcos Goiano opens up about what his life is like living off the art of pleasure

Rohmanelli, the singer who questions sexual, romantic, political and religious standards through music

The Italian artist, settled in Brazil, reinvented himself with the release of the single "Macho Discreto" and its video

Owner of 12 Birkins, Israel Cassol talks about his career as a gogo boy,...

The well-known influencer Israel Cassol reveals his issues in life and talks exclusively with GAY BLOG BR about his sexual abuse when he was a child

Roberta Close’s trans niece, Gabrielle Gambine rocks in art and fashion with intelligence and...

In exclusive interview for GAY BLOG BR, Gambine talks about transfobia, the recent cases involving violence against trans women and about famous aunt

Pre-candidate in SP, Agripino Magalhães says that he sued 5 famous because of LGBT+...

In an interview with GAY BLOG BR, Agripino talked about suing famous people, helping Diego Hypólito to get our of the closet, and that he wouldn't take naked pictures not even for a million

“When I was sent away from home, age 15, everything started to get better”,...

Charm Mone exchanged Brazil for Germany to live his transsexuality away from prejudice and also to become a singer
matriarchyrecords gala

Interview: Gala, the most iconic singer of the 90’s dance floor

In an exclusive interview to the GAY BLOG BR, Gala Rizzatto talks about her trajectory and the desire to sing in a LGBT Parade in Brazil

Nico Puig, the James Dean of the tropics

In an exclusive interview with GAY BLOG BR, Nico Puig spoke about the evolution of his personal, professional and loving trajectory