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In 2020, Gabriel Castro went viral on social networks when he founded the delivery “O pão que o viado amassou (The bread that the fag kneaded)”. Exactly as in the literal sense of the word, Castro is the one who gets his hands dirty and distributes his breads in Curitiba, which due to the success of his name, soon became known, making the business progress quickly.

The enterprise emerged during a period of financial crisis, but the DJ, actor and trapeze artist knew how to reinvent himself when he was on a tightrope, and today he reaps the rewards of that success.

Reproduction: Gabriel Castro

How did you react when you learned that you had won the Poc Awards in the category of entrepreneurship?

It was a delicious surprise! I was competing with awesome initiatives! Just the fact that he was nominated already warm in his heart! Seeing the recognition of the gurls that we are doing something cool had already been too much emotion for 2020! The prize was an icing on the cake that came more as an extra force to keep fighting than as a validation. And that strength is always nice to receive!

You started making bread in May 2020 and sales soon boomed. How’s business today?

It was in April! The store opened on the 21st Today we have a wonderful, gilltery and fairy team that helps keep the brand’s energy alive and helps in new challenges. Our next step (attention that is first hand!!!) is the opening of a physical store! Eyes open, Curitiba! Soon there will be a corner to get your faggy bread with all the security that the times demand!

And how was the creative process until it came to the name “The bread that the fagot kneaded”?

It was just a joke. Couldn’t be better, right? I didn’t even think about making bread to sell. I did it at home and shared it with friends who needed to go through downtown to work. One day I was chatting with a friend on WhatsApp and she asked how the people who lived with me were doing and I replied “They are okay, girl! They are in the living room eating the bread that the fag kneaded! ”. It was because of the name that I decided to open the store. I don’t want to sell just bread. The cool thing is that the bread can give a ride to a dialogue. May our existence be able to enter different homes and let bread build this bridge for us. It was because of the name and the struggle that the brand emerged.

Reproduction: Gabriel Castro

Was the idea always to make bread and not something else (edible)?

I am a circus and theater teacher here in Curitiba. After that March 15th, when everything closed, I found myself inside the house looking for what to do. I have always loved cooking and wanted to venture out to discover new things. I had never made bread before and I went to see what happened. It didn’t work for a while, actually (laughs). But then, suddenly, it started to taste good and made me want to share. Hence to be at the people’s house gaying with glitter and overpass was a snap!

Do you have product innovation plans?

This is our greatest fun! Bread, as I said, is a platform for conversation. And it can come more and more full of meanings. And there is something new out there for hungry stomachs of fun and delicious breads!

Today the baker side is more active than that of a theater and circus teacher?

The baker today runs a business that supports the drama teacher to act in other ways. The daily exercise of keeping the store attractive is a great character and dramaturgy exercise. I am very grateful to the bread and extremely happy to have found him as an ally at this moment in life, but it does not help… the artist is still the one in front and he found in bread a way to continue creating and amusing people out there. One cannot walk without the other.

Reproduction: Gabriel Castro

And the expansion of the business, are there any projects?

Yes! Have you ever imagined how delicious it is if we can fairy the snacks all over the country. Wow, it gave a shiver here!

Could you say that social networks were fundamental to the success of your business?

There is no question about that. The whole process, from the beginning to today, takes place on the networks. Most people’s first contact is still mostly via Instagram. The shopping process is through WhatsApp and a shopping platform integrated with it. And word of mouth in this new era is being all here on the internet. When the brand came up, I started telling the WhatsApp groups of my closest friends and they replied to their groups, extending this discourse of love and struggle for our causes in an organic and caring way.

Has there ever been an unusual situation since you opened the bread business?

Vish … there’s so much (laughs). Fall asleep during a fermentation process and wake up to the kitchen possessed by a flour and water demogorgon. Delay in production and delivering the bread – which was supposed to be an afternoon snack – at 10 pm. But error is the key to learning! With dialogue, joy and sincerity, we take these lessons and improve processes and products and build a product and an increasingly tasty relationship! And we learn and it’s so good that when we least expect it… TCHUM! You became the unicorn of the year and is here talking to the Gay Blog!

Reproduction: Gabriel Castro

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