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Erick Diaz revela ter vivido em situação de rua, seu livro predileto e o valor que já ganhou com conteúdo adulto

In an interview, Brazilian porn actor Erick Diaz talks about his past, family, financial strategies and other must-see topics

Erick Diaz (23) reveals having experienced homelessness, his favorite book and the highest earnings he's ever made from gay-for-pay content
Diretor fala sobre possível continuação de "Vermelho, Branco e Sangue Azul" - Reprodução

The director talks about a possible sequel to “Red, White & Royal Blue”

The movie premiered on Prime Video in August, and the director of the production has expressed interest in continuing the story of Henry and Alex
Netflix toma medida para evitar simpatia por Jeffrey Dahmer na série "Dahmer: Um Canibal Americano"

The Netflix series “Dahmer” had scenes altered to prevent empathy for the killer

Stephanie Filo, one of the producers of the series "Dahmer", revealed in an interview some of the measures taken to ensure that the portrayal of the events did not inappropriately glamorize or humanize the criminal
Requião Filho, deputado do Paraná, provoca ao sugerir perfil no Onlyfans

Requião Filho, a congressman from Brazil, provokes by suggesting an OnlyFans profile

The statement by the congressman, made in a joking tone, elicited positive reactions among his followers
Bad Bunny e Gael García Bernal em "Cassandro" - Divulgação

Biographical film about gay wrestler “Cassandro”, starring Gael García Bernal and Bad Bunny, gets a trailer

In March, some images from the feature film were already circulating on Twitter with frames of Bad Bunny kissing the character played by actor Gael García Bernal
Sargento gay consegue licença-paternidade de 180 dias após acionar Justiça

Brazilian gay sergeant secures a 180-day paternity leave after taking legal action

The Military Police Sergeant Valdi Barbosa, 40 years old, obtained a 180-day paternity leave through a legal action

According to a study by Fatal Model, 28% of male sex workers in Brazil are fathers

The study published by Fatal Model also points out that the biggest challenge for Brazilian sex workers is finding time to spend with their families
Guardas são presos suspeitos de obrigar rapazes a fazerem oral entre si durante abordagem

Guards arrested, suspected of forcing young men to perform oral sex on each other during an apprehension

The young people were performing motorcycle stunts in Itapecerica da Serra, in Greater São Paulo, when the civil guards arrived after receiving an anonymous tip
STF forma maioria para reconhecer ofensa contra LGBTQIA+ como injúria racial

Brazilian Supreme Federal Court forms a majority to recognize offenses against LGBTQIA+ individuals as racial defamation

By equating individual offenses with the crime of racial defamation, the decision will allow discrimination against members of the LGBTQIA+ community to be subject to more stringent penalties
Método pioneiro e não invasivo para aumentar o pênis rende a médico o título de "Dr. Piroca"

Method of “male intimate harmonization” in celebrities, professional earns the title of “King of the Cock”

According to Dr. Vitor Mello, nicknamed the "King of the Cock, the male intimate harmonization involves the use of biocompatible products such as hyaluronic acid, bio-stimulators, and even "Botox" in the genital region, resulting in gains that boost confidence and self-esteem in men