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Vote LGBTQ+: Live com Renan Quinalha abordarĂĄ necessidade de representatividade na polĂ­tica

Vote LGBTQ+: a livestream with Renan Quinalha will address the need for representativity in politics

At the invitation of the SCRUFF app, lawyer and human rights activist Renan Quinalha will talk about the importance of the LGBTQ+ vote
Garoto de programa Ă© preso apĂłs esfaquear francĂȘs no RJ

A male escort is arrested after stabbing a French man in Rio de Janeiro

The case happened on Monday, October 19, and was registered at the District for Attending to Tourists (Deat).

Pope Francis supports gay civil union and their rights

Pope Francis' statement in favor of same-sex civil unions gained worldwide recognition on this Wednesday
Chris Pratt Ă© cancelado por nĂŁo se posicionar contra Trump e frequentar igreja anti-LGBT

Chris Pratt is cancelled for not standing against Trump and attending an anti-LGBT church

Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo came to his defense
Tratamento de HIV e remédios antirretrovirais para estrangeiros no Brasil

HIV treatment and antiretroviral medicines for foreigners in Brazil

Today we are launching a column called "SCRUFF Answers", in which we will look for specialists to clarify doubts from readers. To send a question, write to
Tyler Posey fala sobre ter ficado com caras e se jĂĄ foi passivo

Tyler Posey talks about hooking up with boys and if he has ever bottomed

"I haven't had sex with a man before - We've blown each other, you know what I mean?" - said Tyler Posey in a OnlyFans video
EstĂșdio pornĂŽ gay Bel Ami contrata primeiro modelo negro apĂłs 27 anos

The gay porn studio Bel Ami has hired its first black model after 27 years

Kedar Marchetti is considered a "small revolution in a white-only environment"
SCRUFF entra no universo de vĂ­deos divertidos no TikTok

SCRUFF joins the TikTok world of fun videos

SCRUFF bets on the Chinese social media to celebrate the diversity of ethnicities, body types, ages and personalities using videos
Lembra do "garoto diva"? Saiba como ele estĂĄ agora!

Find out how Brendon Jordan is, the Lady Gaga fan who stood out during a live stream

The boy ended up becoming a meme on the internet for dancing the choreography from "Applause", by Lady Gaga, and earned the nickname "Diva Boy"
MĂ©dico Ă© furtado ao fazer suruba com quatro pedreiros em Fernando de Noronha

A doctor was stolen while having an orgy with four masons in Fernando de Noronha

Due to the pandemic, the accused was submitted to an online custody hearing and the judge decided that the mason will remain free pending trial.


This article is also available in: PortuguĂȘs Español