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Maluma é bissexual, garante vidente que diz ter lido seu Whatsapp com o poder da mente

Maluma is bisexual, guarantees psychic who claims to have read his Whatsapp with the power of her mind

Cuban psychic Mhoni said on program "Agora Contigo" that Maluma is bisexual after reading the singer's conversations on WhatsApp with her mind
Britney Spears não vai se apresentar enquanto sua tutela estiver com seu pai

Britney Spears will not perform while her guardianship is with her father

"My client informed me that she is afraid of her father. She will not perform again while her father is in charge of her career," said Britney's lawyer Sam Ingham.
Estátua de ícone feminista é coberta com uma blusa do movimento anti-trans

Feminist icon statue is covered with a blouse from the anti-trans movement

The statue was created by the lesbian artist Maggi Hambling and shows a small figure made in silver totally naked on top of a pedestal.

“Gossip Girl” resurfaces more gay in new version of HBO Max

Upper East Side residents will be back in 2021 with more diversity, says the producer of the "Gossip Girl" reboot
Italian Fluffer - O Italiano que faz sucesso no OnlyFans protagonizando vídeos eróticos amadores

Italian Fluffer – The Italian who is a hit on OnlyFans by starring in amateur erotic videos

Simone Lustrati is the Italian Fluffer, without minding criticisms, he does what he likes and in front of cameras, to anyone who wants to watch it
Mostra de Cinema de SP destaca filmes LGBT; saiba quais

São Paulo International Film Festival highlights LGBT movies; find out which ones

This time will be online due to the Covid-19 pandemic
Vote LGBTQ+: Live com Renan Quinalha abordará necessidade de representatividade na política

Vote LGBTQ+: a livestream with Renan Quinalha will address the need for representativity in politics

At the invitation of the SCRUFF app, lawyer and human rights activist Renan Quinalha will talk about the importance of the LGBTQ+ vote
Garoto de programa é preso após esfaquear francês no RJ

A male escort is arrested after stabbing a French man in Rio de Janeiro

The case happened on Monday, October 19, and was registered at the District for Attending to Tourists (Deat).

Pope Francis supports gay civil union and their rights

Pope Francis' statement in favor of same-sex civil unions gained worldwide recognition on this Wednesday
Chris Pratt é cancelado por não se posicionar contra Trump e frequentar igreja anti-LGBT

Chris Pratt is cancelled for not standing against Trump and attending an anti-LGBT church

Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo came to his defense


This article is also available in: Português Español