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Collab de Adidas com Ivy Park, marca sportwear de Beyoncé, disponível no Brasil a partir desta sexta

Adidas collab with Ivy Park, BeyoncĂ©’s sportwear brand, is now available in Brazil starting this Friday

For the release, the collective BATEKOO produced a special rehearsal to bring a Brazilian reinterpretation to the looks of the "Icy Park" collection
Novo personagem de Rainbow Six Ă© gay e tem marido, diz empresa criadora do game

New Rainbow Six character is gay and has a husband, says game creator

The novelty generated controversy within the gamer environment
Phillip Lahm - Reprodução

Philipp Lahm thinks soccer players shouldn’t come out of the closet when top

"There is still a lack of acceptance in the world of soccer and in society in general", believes the ex-player
Jogadores alemĂŁes se manifestam em prol de colegas gays

German players speak out for gay colleagues

"The fear of being attacked, excluded or having their career damaged is still so great that gay players still believe they need to hide sexuality"
Presidente da Argentina cria Conselho para combater feminicĂ­dios e transfobia

Argentine President creates Council to fight femicides and transphobia

Recently, two cases of femicide had great repercussions in Argentina
Reino Unido devolverå medalhas a militares expulsos do exército por serem LGBTs

UK will return medals to military men expelled from the army for being LGBT

The Defense Ministry said dismissals and convictions are "historic mistakes"
Luto: 4 anos do brutal assassinato da travesti Dandara

Mourning: 4 years of the brutal murder of transvestite Dandara

ANTRA published in full the documentary "Dandara", made by journalists FlĂĄvia Ayer and Fred Bottrel
Invasores do CapitĂłlio afirmam que vacina contra covid faz as pessoas virarem gays

Capitol invaders say covid vaccine makes people gay

A member of the Capitol said he "has friends who are gay"
Scruff Responde - DJ Felipe Lira

Felipe Lira clarifies doubts of readers who aspire to DJ career

"SCRUFF Responds" invited DJ Felipe Lira to clarify questions from readers. To send a question about any subject to the column, write to
Criança inspira pai a criar biquínis e maiÎs para pessoas trans

Child inspires father to create bikinis and swimsuits for trans people

Canadian company creates clothing for trans children

This article is also available in: PortuguĂȘs Español